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Today was the first day of the PGA Show in sunny Orlando, Florida. The day was full of great finds and for the most part I focused on health and wellness products. Honestly, it wasn’t the plan.

My day started off with a visit to ARGOLF. Last year, their Mordred putter won the Teezy Award for the “Top Putter”. While they are not offering new putters in 2020 they are offering new irons and wedges and they are sexy. Pictured below are their AR-F15 irons.IMG_20200122_090325065

Following that appointment I had the privilege of meeting Jason Hiland who is the owner of SUB 70 Golf. It’s always nice to put a face to the name. The passion that Mr. Hiland has for the game and his brand is infectious. There are some pretty cool things in the works.

While I managed to visit booths like Rapsodo, Lynx Golf (I had a fantastic talk with Stephanie Zinser), ONOFF/PRGR/Fourteen, and Bridgestone Golf where I had a nice chat with Adam Rehberg and Elliot Mellow about the new technology packed into the new TOUR B golf balls. These golf balls are definitely worth the hype. I’ll be putting them into play before I head home. Fun fact. Fred Couples is playing the TOUR B RXS.

I uncovered great new products. MNML golf bags are going to change the game and the way that we look at golf bags. USA Grass Golf could potentially bring golfers to golf that wouldn’t play otherwise. Using one ball and on club you can seemingly turn any vacant field into a golf course. Kaddi is a clip designed to carry your glove, tees, glove,and divot tool in one place by virtue of a belt clip. Athalonz golf shoes. Who ever thought that a pair of shoes could be considered golf equipment?


And then there is Fred Smith of Disruptive Drinkware. His story and his products are worth an article entirely on its own.


But the focus was on health and wellness. I uncovered products from Parform which offers golfers CBD gum, tinctures, energy bars and more. X2 makes a variety of refreshing, great tasting beverages. Playmakar (I shared a press release not long ago) has a wide variety of products designed to make you feel better. Boomer Naturals and their CB5 topical pain relief won the day and saved my bacon. It’s a product that I simply believe in after my  “live-fire” testing experience on the show floor.

That’s enough writing. Now it’s time for #TeeBoxChatter

Until The Next Tee!!