Callaway Golf MAVRIK – Defying Distance in Conventional Terms

Honestly, it’s quite early to know what the tagline of “Distance That Defies Convention: means exactly. But that is the phrase that the marketing team from Callaway Golf is using to describe the new line of MAVRIK metalwoods.


I spotted the picture before it became public knowledge on the R&A conforming club list and to be totally frank, I didn’t think it was a club for the 2020 calendar/market year. It didn’t look right and was sort of understated. But then in early December, I learned that it was, in fact, the driver release for Callaway Golf. Right away I became intrigued with a couple of thoughts.

  1. 2017… Callaway Golf got it right with GBB Epic and Epic Sub Zero
  2. 2018… As good as the performance was of the Rogue. I thought that Callaway Golf missed the mark. It still received a good review here at Until The Next Tee!!
  3. After a “quasi-shank” Callaway Golf knocked the proverbial ball out of the ballpark with the Epic Flash. What a driver!! It impressed and was the runner-up for the 2019 Teezy Award for the “Top Driver”.

So with those thoughts and a real focus on the latter, I wondered how MAVRIK would compare in comparison. Would it pale in comparison to Epic Flash? Without a whole lot of information available at this time here’s what I do know about it or at least what I’ve hypothesized.

I broke the letters down and following the highly successful introduction of using A.I. in creating the face of the Epic Flash (please see Epic Flash review here) we know that A.I was used again and that likely means the return of “Flash Face Technology”. Will it have the same properties or identical make-up as the Epic Flash? I would say no based on the potential of different weighting with this driver. But, with the advent of A.I. in production of the metalwoods in 2019 it stands to reason that they went through another 15,000 prototypes to get it right. Seen in the picture are perennial R&D favorites like “Jailbreak Technology” and their “OptiFit Hosel”. There appears to be a weight screw towards the rear of the sole. This is likely to place weight low and back to help golfers maintain better launch angles. There is a Sub Zero model as well. This features a second weight screw at the front. Again, it’s speculation and conjecture on my part but I would guess this is to create lower driver spin numbers. It appears that neither model has a sliding weight unless it’s on top of the crown???


Finally, we know that Xander Schauffele has put it into play and did so at the 2019 Presidents Cup and this week at the Sentry Tournament of Champions. The color story of the MAVRIK that he used takes us back to the X2 Hot. I’m okay with that, it matches my website colors. At least partially.


Is MAVRIK “Rogue-like” with Flash Face Technology? Time will tell. MAVRIK gets released this month. I will be putting MAVRIK through its paces on Demo Day at the 2020 PGA Show.

Until The Next Tee!!

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