Here’s a fun fact. In the Niagara Region where I live, we’ve unofficially had two winters already. We received our first winter back on Halloween and then we just came through another wintry blast. Little did I realize golfers in the region would be able to enjoy golf around Christmas in weather at or near 50*F (10*C). Among those golfers, of course, is “yours truly”.

December 27th was one of those days where golf was on the menu. Having dropped off my wife at work I made my way to Queenston Golf Club. It and its sister course (St. David’s Golf Course) were packed. Patience is a virtue and I teed off around 2:30 in the afternoon to play 9 holes.

I decided to do some “Live’ Twitter posts so here are some of the videos that I made. I discussed. I hope you enjoy.


Shortly after getting home. I made two changes to my WITB. Out is the TaylorMade Golf JetSpeed 3-wood which was replaced by the SUB 70 Golf Pro Fairway (15*). Also being swapped out was the TaylorMade Golf SLDR 4H and back into the bag is the Tour Edge Exotics EXS 4H. Which remains the best hybrid that I’ve ever gamed. We’ll see how the bag looks as I head down to Florida in January for the PGA Show and for some golf.

Be sure to fix ball marks. Take pride in making them by fixing them. Also, a quick blurb about a Zero Friction golf ball. The Spectra Matte. Not a bad first impression.

Some final thoughts about the round. Adjusting to eyeglasses, the Zero Friction Spectra golf ball, the SkyCaddie SX400, and Golf Gum.

Until The Next Tee!!

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