So, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time over the last few months in the backyard. You see, in my backyard, sits the “UTNT Practice Centre for Deprived Golfers”. I have a Callaway Golf practice net set up so I can continue to make swings during the off-season. Which makes me think. Is there really an off-season?

While I’m back there hitting countless balls into the net I’m really only doing a couple of things.

  1. Getting my reps in
  2. Working on tempo and timing
  3. Working on my “quality of strike” and
  4. Make any mechanical tweaks that I see fit.

Honestly, this is the perfect time of the year for us in northern climes to make those adjustments. Admittedly, I’ve been working on having a bit of a bowed wrist at the top. Bowing the wrist does help to flatten the swing a tad on the way down. Truthfully, I’ve been working pretty hard on things because I’ve had some discussions with Crystal (my wife) and I do want to tee it up again when it matters. What’s the point of posting a 65 if it doesn’t mean anything?

It’s been over a year since my Stroke and the 2019 season saw me play the best golf that I’ve ever played. My lowest-scoring average (I had a couple of blow-up rounds 81 and 83) but I had a number of rounds SUB 70.

Speaking of SUB 70.

My swing changed since my Stroke and my swing went from basically being aggressive and attacking the golf ball through impact to a move that’s more tempo-based. A huge reason for my scoring improving. It was a matter of more club with less swing and my GIR percentage increased. Finding the fairway has never really been an issue.

So I thought that today would be a good day to head indoors and see some ball flight. A dome session was in order. The dome where I go has a flight for about 80 yards as long as you don’t hit the ceiling. Which of course happens. It’s one thing to hit into a net and have really quality strikes.  But, it can be misleading. It’s another matter altogether when the ball has a chance to curve.

My session went really well today and other than a couple of low snap hooks I was really happy. The low snap is my miss. As long as nothing is leaking out to the right… Life is good. If I miss right, something went awry in my swing. Afterwards, I went to the gym.

I’m working out at Crunch Fitness and it’s a decent enough gym. I’m pleased to say that my weight is down to below 190 lbs, I’m feeling a little stronger and I guess I’m getting my “Inner Dechambeau” on. While I’m looking to gain muscle, I don’t wanna get big. I guess lean muscle mass is the goal.  Core work is essential and I will be taking SuperSpeed Golf into the gym as well. Golf, there is #nooffseason

There’s more news on the way so stay tuned.


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