There are many ways to introduce more people to the game of golf. In some cases, a golf course or driving range isn’t even necessary. Just ask the folks from USA Grass Golf.

They’ve created a variation of “Park Golf” from Japan and through the implementation of equipment that they created, you can set-up a golf course nearly anywhere.  The kit comes with 1 ball, 1 club, and 1 portable flag/hole or a fixed hole and you are ready to play. The ball is a smooth resin approximately 2 1/4 inches (cue ball size) in diameter and a club that is similar in size and shape of a wood fairway driver.

USA Grass Golf, they might be worth a visit at the 2020 PGA Show. Please see their press release below.


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At last a golf game that anyone can enjoy at any age or skill level without the frustration of beginner golf.  Grass Golf is a hybrid of regular golf game where you drive, chip and putt.  It is based on a popular Japanese version called “Park Golf”  USA Grass Golf is very easy to learn and enjoy. A portable game played anywhere there is space and open land.

No manicured greens or a bag full of expensive clubs needed, just a smooth grassy site or an indoor gym will work.  Ideal locations include parks, playgrounds, schools, churches, resorts, beaches or existing golf courses. To play Grass Golf all you need is 1 ball, 1 club, and a portable flag/hole with rules similar to regular golf just made simple.


Strength or sports ability is not required to master the game.   It’s more important to get some walking, exercise and have fun. 9 holes on a Grass Golf course can be played in about 1 hour with the maximum distance of a hole being 101 yards.

It is perfect for the beginner and excellent introduction to the game of golf.

Grass Golf is perfect for PE programs at schools, park and recreation departments, senior centers, RV parks, resorts, youth clubs, family gatherings or by individuals.