Day Two President’s Cup – Gimmes

As I sit down and write this the International Team leads the United Staes Team 6.5-3.5. Here are my “Gimmes” from Day Two at the Presidents Cup.

  • Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas are en fuego. They are dynamic, they are a duo thus qualifying them as a “Dynamic Duo”. That putt that JT made on 18 was clutch and who knows? That could be the turning point in the Presidents Cup. Without it, this might be over in a way that I never saw coming.
Photo Credit: Golf Digest
  • Speaking of not seeing it coming. I expected this event to be a bloodbath as I thought that the International Team would be decimated by the favourite American side. Instead, this International has shown great chemistry and they look like a team. Whatever you’re doing Ernie, keep doing it. Much has been said of analytics. Ernie Els for Team Captain every Presidents Cup.
Photo Credit: Golf Digest
  • O Canada! Yep, it’s time for me to wave my flag. Adam Hadwin is 1-1 in his matches. I enjoy watching him. His game is underrated and to be honest, it’s like watching a right-handed Mike Weir in his prime. Waggle and all.
Presidents Cup - Round Two
Photo Credit: Getty Images
  • That Louie Oosthuizen and Adam Scott pairing. Is there a prettier twosome of swings to watch than those two. Especially Louie, he’s so efficient in his move.
  • Tiger is 2-0 in his matches. Not like he had to but he’s proved to the world that he “deserved” to be a playing captain. Now it’s just a matter of how many matches he plays in. 3, 4 or could it be conceivable he plays in all 5? I’m guessing he sits out Match #3.
  • Sticking with Tiger. Is he a masochist? He might be because he’s stuck poor Webb Simpson with the “lightning rod of controversy” Patrick Reed.
  • I was going to abstain from talking about Patrick Reed… Again. I mean it’s like flogging a dead horse at this point. Nice antics there, bud. Mocking the shoveling motion after draining that putt. I’ve been objective when it comes to you, as I should be as a writer. I looked up the definition of moron and there was your picture. Hey bud, you were down and lost the match 3&2. My advice, look at the scoreboard. You never chirp or taunt when you’re down. Na or Kisner should have been there and not you. Time to take a seat.

  • The PGA TOUR. I don’t know who’s running your Twitter or social accounts. But suggesting he was having fun is a delusional statement. It was just last week in one of your events that Reed did what he did. Now you’re enabling it? Very foolhardy. Oh and one other thing. The United States is not playing the Aussies. It’s the International Team. Get your facts straight.


Until The Next Tee!!

#fightandgrind #seeuonthenexttee #untilthenexttee


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