2020 PGA Show Prep

It’s hard to believe that the year 2020 is already upon us. in what? 29 Days. Shortly after the calendar flips over there’s a special week upon golfers and golf media. That week, much like Christmas is PGA Show week. It’s the “who’s who” of the golf industry and everyone or nearly everyone (TaylorMade Golf notwithstanding) is assembled in one place. For media, PGA Professionals and buyers alike it’s the “Mecca” of the golf industry and a chance to see as much as humanly possible if it’s in the golf industry.


Personally speaking, it’s a pretty big week for me. Especially when it comes to the likes of Demo Day. I’m just getting to the point where manufacturers send out samples of equipment for me to try… long-term. Brands like Ben Hogan Golf, Callaway Golf, COBRA Golf, SUB 70 Golf, and even though it was a few years ago Cleveland Golf has taken a chance on me. They’re opportunities that I always appreciate dearly. But for the most part Demo Day is my opportunity to do testing. Thus, the “First Impressions Reviews”.

The problem with being a “one-man show” is that it makes it tough to see and swing everything that is being offered on the 360* range at Orange County National. Especially, if there are appointments to be made and kept. Which is why I’m prepping so early.

Spotted on the R&A Conforming Diver List. Is this the new Callaway Golf Mavrik for 2020?

As much as I love making and keeping appointments (Type-A personality) I’ve realized after several years that this is not the way to go. Much can go wrong. If one appointment goes long for either myself or the marketing person that I’m supposed to meet with is held up a chain of reactions is set forth. Meetings can be caught up but then as the media person, you might be “running and gunning” the rest of the day or show. So I had an idea…

No Meetings on Demo Day!!

I know it seems obvious, but it’s taken me a long time to figure this out. I actually started having the epiphany last year. So here’s my modus operandi for the 2020 PGA Show. 2020.. a year of perfect vision.

  1. No meetings on Demo Day (might be one or two exceptions)
  2. Cover manufacturers that my readers personally request. Send requests if you like.
  3. Do lots of videos. I just grabbed a microphone to help with the wind that always plagues me. This should help.

When it comes to “must-sees” I’ve already determined that COBRA Golf leads the way and so does Callaway Golf. I cannot see the Mavrik being better than Epic Flash. I have it in my mind it’ll be like when they went from Epic to Rogue. Rogue was a dropoff in performance. Mizuno Golf, I have to stop at for sure just to see if the ST200 is as good as the ST190. The new irons that I saw from Wilson Staff on October 30th have my attention and no I’m not talking about the Staff Utility irons. Cleveland Golf, they have my attention with the bulk of their line-up. PING too. I can’t wait to see what they’ve done and dare I say it… I haven’t had much time at all on their deck at Demo Day over the years. They’ve been too busy.

To be honest, I’m a little excited about the PGA Show. I’ve been regularly checking the PGA Show Exhibitor List. Already marking “my favorites” for exhibitors that I want to visit. As I’ve gone through the list, I will say that there are a lot less favorited than I thought. Then again this is part of the prep process and who knows? Maybe no plans will allow me to find more hidden gems.

Until The Next Tee!!



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