In the lane… Snow is glistenin’. Well, not quite. As I sit here in my recliner, with a coffee on my right, my Labrador Retriever on my left and a scene right from both “Frozen” movies (in the midst of a freezing rain storm) outside. I thought, what better time than now to compile my holiday gift guide to help you find the right gift for the golfer in your life or for yourself. For under $150.

So here we go. Get roastin’ your chestnuts on an open fire. Start decking those halls. Because, it’s a winter wonderland out there and baby… it’s cold outside.


ZOOMTEE – I won’t waste any time putting this stocking stuffer on the list. While there is a golf course that recently banned plastic tees it’s one course. These golf tees are amazing and since I opened them I have used just one tee. Rugged, durable and easy to find. Those facts would qualify them as eco/course-friendly in my books. They set the perfect tee height every time (for a driver), act as a divot tool and a groove cleaner. A ton of practicality for an item that costs starting at $4.99 for a three-pack. They have other options and packs that go up to $13.99. ZOOMTEE



2UNDR – Give the gift of tidings and joy this year with undergarments from 2UNDR. I won’t mince words. I first started wearing 2UNDR in 2012 or so when I attended my first or second PGA Show. The rest is history. I’ve watched this brand grow and their undergarments are comfortable beyond comprehension. But they are so much more than underwear. Their range of loungewear like their t-shirts, long-sleeved hoodie t-shirt and more are just excellent additions to the 2UNDR stable. High quality, great feel of hand, fun prints and more. What more could you want?

Shameless plug here. Want a discount?  Look no further. Because I have a discount code for you. By using you’ll save 20%. Or there’s web code NEXTTEE20. The discount is not applied to clearance items or the NCAA range. Prices start at $33 CAD. 2UNDR



Wilson Golf DUO Professional – Golf balls. You can never have enough of these right? Well, unless you’re a ball hawk and you have barrels full in your garage. Either way, in what may have been the bigger surprises for me this year the DUO Professional golf ball by Wilson Golf made the list. Sure, certain golfers have to play a different brand but this golf ball from Wilson was a juggernaut in testing. This ball exhibited the best greenside characteristics that I’ve ever witnessed, is long, and it feels great!! (Review here). Now available in bright matte finishes too. Brighten up the holidays and place a dozen under the tree. Wilson is also currently offering free personalization as well. $34.99 USD/doz Wilson Golf Balls


Skechers GO Golf – I know that getting somebody’s shoe size can be difficult if the shoes aren’t for you. But, if you have access to getting someone’s shoe size maybe a nice pair of Skechers GO Golf shoes might be a nice idea. With a variety of styles for both men and women and packed with tons of features and technology from Skechers’ vast R&D into feet and footwear you can’t go wrong. My feet are picky about footwear and I have to be as a Diabetic with many other leg issues. All that I can say is that Skechers has always tested well and my feet love them. Starting at $95.00. Skecher’s

IMG_20190603_071657 (1)

SUB 70 Golf Pro Fairway – Does your long game need help? Are you looking for an easy to hit fairway wood? Here’s a golf equipment brand that’s doing it right. SUB 70 Golf. Producing quality equipment without a premium price tag. In what world can you purchase a brand new set of irons for less than $430 USD/$570 CAD? You can’t unless it’s SUB 70 Golf. Well, their Pro Fairway metal wood tested very well here at UTNT (Review here). For a fraction of the cost of others out there, you can get a fairway wood that has a degree of adjustability (spin rates) and is just a flat-out performer. Oh, and the price is pretty attractive too. Starting at $149 USD SUB 70 Pro Fairway


Happy shopping and Happy Holidays from your friend at…

Until The Next Tee!!

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