Not too long ago, I received one heck of an opportunity to test and review a new golf GPS product. Many thanks go out to Tracy Nackel of TEN Marketing and PR for giving me this chance. Thank-you Tracy.

Built off of the award-winning chassis of the SkyCaddie SX500 is the new SX400 from SkyCaddie. With many of the same features as it’s “big brother” in a smaller body, this GPS offers golfers a bevy of functions. With features like HoleVue, Dynamic RangeVue, a rugged design featuring water-resistant qualities there’s a whole lot to like about this product. So after receiving it, I found myself chomping at the bit to test it out. Then, our first winter struck. A foot of snow fell and a wintry chill took hold. On November 11th.


After watching our first fluky, wintery blast melt away I took advantage of some okay weather to get out and play 9-holes. It gave me an opportunity to give the SX400 it first looks. Below is the introductory video for the review. Stay tuned for more to come.

Until The Next Tee!!

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