Indi Golf. An independent golf manufacturer from California known for its production of wedges has joined the competitive putter market. While my experience hitting their wedges was brief and only on the demo range at the 2019 PGA Show, I can tell from that small sampling size they offer high-quality products.

Yesterday, the brand announced that they were introducing two putters to add to their stable. A blade-style putter known as Ramone and then a mid-sized mallet known as Allison. Both putters look intriguing and I will look to get more information that was mentioned in the press release as seen below. For example, head and total weight.

For more information on the introduction of these putters please see the press release below. Thanks to Indi Golf GM Rob Lang and Tracy Nackel for sharing the press release.

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VISTA, CA, November 21, 2019– Indi Golf, design and manufacturer of high-performance golf clubs, introduces two new putter designs to its arsenal of short game improvement clubs. The new putter options include Allison, a face-balanced mid-size mallet, and Ramone, a toe-hang blade. These will be available for pre-sale starting immediately.

“After designing wedges for the past few years, the putter category was the most logical next step for us in our mission to help golfers make their short game their best game,” said Rob Lang, General Manager, Indi Golf. “We’ve been developing the technology for these putters for over a year now and we’re confident they will help golfers make more putts. We’re excited to finally introduce them.”


Allison features a double-bend shaft that creates a perfectly face-balanced putter for the player that uses a straight back, straight through putting stroke. Ramone was designed with a 30-degree toe-hang, which is ideal for a player that favors an arced putting stroke.
Features of the high-performance Allison and Ramone putters include:
● Precision CNC milled for phenomenal quality, exceptional feel and feedback
● Constructed from Aircraft Grade Aluminum
● Toe and heel tungsten weighting for increased stroke stability and feel for unmatched
● Colossal Sweet Spot Technology, which eliminates miss-hits. No matter where the ball is
struck on the face, the ball will roll the same distance.


The putters are currently available for pre-sale at The MSRP is $449.99 and during the pre-sale the price is $329.99.


The putters are available with matte black or satin chrome finishes in 33”, 34” or 35” lengths. Indi Golf offers the Lamkin Deep Etched Pistol putter grip as their standard offering. Golfers can also select a Super Stroke Traxion Tour 2.0, Traxion Pistol GT Tour or Traxion Claw 2.0 grip, Golf Pride and other Lamkin grips for an upcharge. For more information, visit


About Indi Golf
Indi Golf was the dream child of three good friends who love the sport of golf and were lucky enough to have accomplished careers designing, engineering, and selling golf products. We respect the sport of golf and have a deep desire to grow the game by bringing its enjoyment to all walks of life. Every individual golfer connects with the sport in their own way, and it is our goal to give golfers top tier, quality products that will help them to not only perform at their best but enjoy at their best!

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