As you might be aware in the last week or so LPGA Tour veteran Christina Kim has been in the news. The former Solheim Cup star had been participating in the LPGA Tour Q-School and she suddenly found herself immersed in the spotlight amongst golf fans on the #GolfTwitterverse. The reason, well she called out a playing partner for a rules infraction. Even though some say that her posts on Twitter were cryptic and that she wasn’t naming names, Kim took unbelievable heat. First of all, I applaud Kim for not naming names. Quite frankly, it doesn’t or didn’t matter who the guilty party(ies) were.

That was great until an article in Golf Digest popped up over social media and the names were revealed. The names were Kendall Dye and Dewi Weber. As it’s understood, the short version of the infraction was due to Dye asking via a gesture towards Weber’s caddie which club she was using (it was an 8-iron). Kim, witnessing this infraction reported it to a Rules Official. In case you weren’t aware, in competition you cannot ask a fellow competitor for advice. It was a pretty clear rules violation. The caddie is an agent of the golfer. The rule was broken. Period. Oh, and if Kim sees it and doesn’t report it then guess what? They all get DQ’d. Besides, all that Kendall Dye had to do was walk over to Weber’s bag and see what club was missing. Guys, do it all of the time. When I was playing Mini-Tour’s it was very common-place.

For those lambasting Christina and criticizing her. She wasn’t being cryptic, nor was she a villain in this situation. As a matter of fact, she was the opposite. She wasn’t just protecting the field she was protecting the integrity of the game. She’s no different than you and I. If someone did wrong by you. Say you watched someone steal your car. Would you give them a hall pass and not report it? The principles are the same, damned thing.

CBD. CBD and golf. It’s here to stay. Greg Norman is known for being a champion golfing legend and of course, he’s also known for his workout regimens. Have you seen him without a shirt on? The guy is a tank. In a Tweet that I saw this morning, Mr. Norman has invested time and money in establishing CBD products. Notably, his CBD-infused gel. Having invested heavily in the past on his winery among other things he’s a smart investor. Sure there’s money to be made here but I just feel that it’s of interest that he’s invested in CBD and he’s actually employing it. Mr. Norman, in light of the recent CBD fiasco on the PGA TOUR involving Every and Garrigus maybe, just maybe you can shed some light on this subject. I’d rather have guys using CBD then damaging golf courses or flipping off spectators. I know the hang-up is on the Olympics and anti-doping regulations. It’s a shame!!

Until The Next Tee!!

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