Like the title of this entry says. The end of the golf season was imminent. It had to happen. But not in the sense that I will not be golfing between now and Florida (PGA Show) or now and spring. Just my season working behind the Pro Shop counter at Scenic Woods Golf Course. It was a great season overall and one that was enjoyable and maybe at times just a little bit miserable. Our computer systems were the source of serious malcontent. But Mother Nature got us.

Our season started out so wet. For the longest time, I never got to play golf because even pushing the Clicgear 3.5+ was too much following my stroke. In the sloppy conditions, I was too tired to play after two holes… Let alone 9 or dare I say 18. I mean, we never got the carts out onto the course until June… I think.

Tomorrow (as I write this) but in fact today was supposed to be my last shift of the year. That was until a couple days of rain and consequently, seasonal cold weather got us. The rain Halloween night really slammed the door shut. I got the text this morning from my boss (Richard) telling me that he had it covered. I was looking forward to one last shift and a few holes afterward but it wasn’t meant to be. Just because my working golf season is finished doesn’t mean that I’m finished playing. As a matter of fact, the off-season grind begins now.

I’m sure at some point I’ll find myself in a gym working out. I really do need to jump back onto that wagon. Yes, I’ll be doing some teaching indoors and practicing too. It’s the right time of the year to make changes… not in-season. But more importantly, I have a couple of golf courses that don’t close unless they have no choice within 15 minutes from me and then there is of course…

The UTNT Practice Center For Deprived Golfers


It is here where I get my 20-200 swings in a day all season. It’s shabby, not flashy but it’s effective. Especially, when using Rapsodo R-Motion or say a Flightscope mevo just to give me a little swing insight. The best part about it too is that it’s free, I can enjoy the presence of my Labrador Retriever (Muskoka) and if I want to I can enjoy a beer or two. A beer like 3 Speed from Amsterdam Brewing. Unofficially, the official beer of UTNT.

I’m all set for the grind season. Always remember golfers there never really is an offseason #nooffseason.

Until The Next Tee!!

#seeuonthenexttee #fightandgrind