“First Impressions REVIEW” – Evnroll Putters ER10 Outback

Just the other day (Wednesday in fact) I attended the Golf Industry Expo in Kitchener, Ontario as put on by the PGA of Ontario. While there, I discovered a number of products that at the time were under embargo. One of those products was a putter from Evnroll Putters that’s was introduced to me by the rep there as being the called ER10 Outback. Even though I was bummed that I couldn’t snap a pic or two I still took the opportunity to roll a few putts with the flatstick.


The Set-Up

For those that are a little unfamiliar with the Evnroll brand of putters, it’s a company that was founded by Guerin Rife (of Rife Two-Bar fame) and Steven Riley at the 2015 PGA Show. Since then, the brand has continued an upward climb into notoriety amongst golfers and have continued to creat putters with high MOI numbers. Think about an old-school blade putter and how it twists in your hands on a putt struck off of the toe. Some of you might recollect that the ER5B Murdered Out putter from 2019 finished was a finalist for a Teezy Award in the “Top Putter” Category. 

*** An important side note to point out

The new ER10 Outback putter is a mallet-style putter that continues the tradition of Evnroll producing putters with high MOI characteristics. Looking at the putter head itself there are elements that will remind you of putters from other brands. While they have similarities it’s important to note that the ER10 Outback is much different.

The term “winged” has been used partially in describing the looks of the Outback. While the picture below does give you an idea of what it looks like, you really do notice this shape in the address position. The colour scheme is black and silver. While in the address position the alignment aid really catches your attention with a “crescent moon-like” shape that seamlessly melds itself into the rest of the putter. The lines themselves are quite sharp and dynamic.

Photo Credit: Evnroll (Twitter)

The head itself is crafted from 6061 Aluminum which is very lightweight and the “wing” is CNC milled. What’s interesting about the design is the fact that the head is lighter as the putter gets longer. For example, a 34″ putter weighs in at 370 grams (pictured above). A putter at 33″ weighs in at 385 grams. The ER10 Outback features Evnroll’s patented “Sweet Face Technology” which allows golfers to create a true roll from impact to hole.


The Transition

The question that you might be asking is quite simply… How’d it feel? Well let’s get into it, shall we?

The ER10 felt absolutely great while rolling putts. Much of that can be related to the “Sweet Face technology”. However, the rep also pointed out to me that the ER10 Outback is the first Evnroll putter made with an insert. Ironically enough, they had an ER5B there (remember my reference) and the ER10 Outback blew the ER5B out of the water. The ER10 Outback felt softer and more solid. The latter being a by-product of the MOI characteristics. But something needs to be said of the addition of the insert. Speaking of the MOI numbers. When asked, the rep couldn’t provide me with exact MOI numbers but said that they were “somewhere in the 10,000 range”.


I made a point of striking putts intentionally off of the heel and the toe and I can tell you that no putts went offline in either case. When I went really extreme on a stroke where I picked it up, got handsy, and nearly whiffed off of the toe then and only then did I feel some sort of twisting in my hands. That test was another comparison that I conducted in a heads-up comparison to the ER5B from 2019.


The Finish

The sample size was small in the fact that all of the putts were struck from roughly 9 feet using a PuttOut putting mat. That said, it’s easy to draw a conclusion. The Evnroll Putters ER10 Outback putter is a putter that’s going to create some buzz amongst golf consumers. It offers big MOI numbers in an eye-friendly chassis. Honestly, in those pristine conditions, I couldn’t miss. Maybe being in the “real world” changes that perspective a touch. It’s early but I can see the ER10 Outback being in the running for the “Top Putter” Teezy Award in 2020.

The ER10 Outback has just come to market today. November 1, 2019.

Until The Next Tee!!

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