Under-Appreciated Driver?

Sunday. A day of rest, reflection and football. The perfect day to sit back and think about golf and golf equipment especially with all of the releases coming out over the next little while.

Admittedly, I also got thinking about golf equipment because I’m in the process of getting ready for the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show. I’ve been planning for some time now getting my new business cards ordered (they arrived and look great), booked my hotel room and determined that as much as I want to fly down I’ll likely drive instead. Yeah, I’m a masochist. Me, the lonely highway and my 2003 Ford F-159 that has 318,000 km on it. In hindsight, maybe that isn’t a wise choice. Nobody ever accused me of being smart.


So as all of the equipment gets released and some of it already has my attention namely the Cobra Golf Forged Tec ONE Length irons and the Cleveland Launcher Turbo HB driver I also sit back and think about the current product cycle that’s inevitably winding itself down. So many products got their fanfare from the golfing public which I suppose was earned. You heard the love for Callaway Golf’s Epic Flash driver. You heard the love for TaylorMade’s P-760 irons. But what about the clubs that went seemingly unnoticed?

st190 crown
Mizuno Golf ST190 driver. Teezy Award Winner.

For me, one of those golf clubs from the 2019 product cycle was that of the ST190 and ST190 G  respectively from Mizuno Golf. The ST190 was the Teezy Award winner in the “Top Driver” category from the 2019 PGA Show Demo Day. It narrowly beat out the runner-up (Epic Flash) after multiple tie-breaks. It has a menacing look, adjustability like the majority of drivers do (ST190 G offers more adjustability), the ball rockets off of the face and it sounds great thanks in part to the composite crown. I just don’t understand why this driver never received the hoopla that it deserved from the consumer masses. Perhaps, it’s a matter of Mizuno Golf having a stigma that it’s an “irons-first” company. What do you think?


In the above video, I was swinging the ST190 at the PGA Show. Now keep a couple of things in mind. please don’t judge the action. This was only about 4 months after my Stroke that forced me to learn how to walk again. I made the most of what I had to work with. More notable however note the acoustics. Crisp!

All of this is why the ST190 is 2019’s Most Under-Appreciated driver.

Until The Next Tee!!

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