REVIEW – Skechers GO Golf Mojo Elite

Many thanks go out to Taylor Cooney and Cris Alcantara from Skechers USA Canada for giving me the opportunity to test and review the Skechers GO GOLF Mojo Elite golf shoes from Skechers Performance. Ms. Cooney is the Public Relations Manager for Skechers. Thank-you Taylor and Cris!!

Footwear… Golf Shoes. It’s what connects us to ole Terra Firma. It’s the link that drives us and is an important source of power in the golf swing. Without a decent pair of golf shoes, much of our golf game can be affected. From stability to comfort, a good pair of golf shoes can go a long way in helping golfers enjoy their respective days.

mojo unbox

At the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando this past January I had the opportunity to have an interview with Ms. Cooney at the Skechers Performance booth located in the orange County Convention Center. While there, Ms. Cooney talked me through the entire range of both men’s and women’s golf shoes. The variety and price point options offered by Skechers propelled them to earning the “Teezy Award” for “Top Footwear Brand”. The styles are too numerous to list from the current product range but the range is plentiful, trendy, and colorful. While many models attracted my attention the Skechers GO GOLF Mojo Elite golf shoes really caught my attention. Especially, when I picked them up off of the display. I was impressed by how light they were… Especially for being a shoe towards the top of their range. I knew then that this was the shoe that I was hoping to test and review.

About Skechers

Did you know that Skechers is a shoe brand that was formed in 1992? Headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California the company saw a revenue of $4.6 billion in 2018.

Among the athletes that wear Skechers GO Golf footwear are Wesley Bryan, Matt Kuchar and Canada’s sweetheart from the LPGA Tour Brooke Henderson.


The Transition

The Mojo Elite golf shoe is a pair of golf shoes that retail for $150 (or $175 CAD). The Mojo Elite is a fusion where a sporty look (athletic look) combines with superior traction to create an all-around performer.

Full-grain leather (mid-foot and back) and a textile front and in-step are forged to create the upper part of the Mojo Elite golf shoes. The use of Skechers trademarked ‘[H2GO Shield” allows the Mojo Elite to come with a 2-year waterproof warranty. Comfort is a definite highlight of the Mojo Elite golf shoe. Offered through what Skechers calls their “ULTRA FLIGHT™ cushioning” which is “responsive and ultra-lightweight” goes a long way in contributing to the overall light weight of these shoes (a size 9 shoe weighs in at a minuscule 10.25 ounces per shoe). Another feature adding to the comfort of these shoes is the Resamax® cushioned insole

For traction, the Mojo Elite offers  Skechers’  trademarked “GRIPFLEX™ spikeless TPU outsole” which offers superior traction and flexibility throughout the golf shoe.

Aesthetically speaking, these features are also features of the Mojo Elite…

  • Side panels with perforation detail
  • Side S logo
  • Lace-up front
  • Padded continuous collar
  • Heel and instep overlay with logo detail and pull on top loops


The Transition

When I unboxed the Mojo Elite golf shoes from their cardboard box cocoon I suddenly remembered how sporty these shoes were. Bordering more on an athletic design than a traditional golf shoe I feel that all of the accenting was in the right places. The use of the navy blue stitching “popped” in all of the right places. While being offered in 4 different colorways, I opted to go with the White/Navy in a size 9.5 Extra Wide (Skechers also offers a Medium fit). When I first tried them on my first thought was that they might have been a tad sloppy. I have a wide foot and I do have to take diabetic peripheral neuropathy into account. Foot health and foot care (like proper fitting footwear) are essential for diabetics. But as time wore on, I realized that the fit was great from a width and length standpoint.

When it comes to the overall aesthetics of the Mojo Elite some may think of the shoe as being a little bit “boxy”. While they do have that appearance in the White/Navy other options (Black) doesn’t offer quite that impression. Much of the reason is because of the construction of the tongue of the shoe… or shall I say the lack thereof. Quite honestly, the upper is more closely related to that of a boot and that is by design. It is this feature that assists in making this golf shoe very stable.

Speaking of stability and comfort. I think that this is a great time to discuss the overall performance of the Mojo Elite golf shoes. These shoes offer fantastic comfort right out of the box. Right out of the box the Mojo Elite went right onto my feet and into the shop for a long day of work at the golf course. My feet never got sore and as a matter of fact, I felt like I wasn’t wearing anything on my feet. These practically had the comfort of slippers and that’s always a ringing endorsement when it comes to the comfort of a shoe (please bear in mind that I am really picky). That first day wearing them was memorable because they transitioned right to the driving range and golf course for some post-shift golf. These shoes just meld to the foot and I really found the Mojo Elite to be very stable through the entire upper (especially in the mid-foot). Huge kudos to the Skechers R&D team who without any doubt has dedicated countless hours to studying the kinesiology of the foot and how feet react through the rigors of the golf swing. This is the beauty of a company like Skechers being involved in the golf footwear industry.


I really thought that the traction of the Mojo Elite golf shoes from Skechers was very good. Remember, these shoes are spikeless.  The “GRIPFLEX” spikeless outsole is quite “grippy” when it comes to wet and typical conditions. I never had any sort of issue with slipping when playing golf or enjoying range sessions while wearing the Mojo Elite in the above-stated conditions. However, if they had a proverbial “Kryptonite” I would suggest that it was when the conditions were very hard. Namely, when it came to clay-based soil. Tee decks and fairways that exhibited this kind of earth saw me encounter a few slips while playing golf. Was it because I was swinging too hard and “out of my shoes”? It might have been, so I will accept some of the responsibility for the slipping. All things considered, the Mojo Elite golf shoes provided very good traction control considering that they are basically tiny little “nubbies”.

If I were to have one minor complaint about these shoes I would say it’s from a point of pettiness. I love to have my golf shoes looking clean at all times. Once the fabric on the toe gets dirty it’s hard to get them clean again. Perhaps spraying them with silicone or similar would help this issue.

I feel that this is also a great time to mention that the “H2GO SHIELD” technology works. At no time did my feet get wet during the testing. It’ll be interesting to see as time wears on if these shoes remain waterproof.

IMG_20190711_110249147 (1)

The author wearing the Skechers GO GOLF Mojo Elite.

The Finish

As one might expect, shoes manufactured by Skechers would tend to be very good. The company has invested countless manhours in researching feet and footwear. The Mojo Elite golf shoes from their Performance GO GOLF range is certainly no exception. Super lightweight, functional, and comfortable these shoes are exceptional. Sure I had a couple of minor issues with them (they were petty) but the overall performance overshadows those complaints. Moving forward, I fully intend to wear this pair of shoes in January at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show.

For more details, please visit Skechers.


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My Best Worst Shot

Sitting here thinking about the events that unfolded on October 9th, 2019 I am both happy and disappointed thinking about them. You see, something took place tonight that never happened to me prior although I had my fair share of close calls.

Upon completing a 9.5 hour-long shift in the pro shop at Scenic Woods Golf Club (a GolfNorth Properties facility) I flip-flopped back and forth on whether to go golfing. Against my better judgment, I decided to play golf even though I was tired, not feeling well, and quite frankly I was in a world of pain. So after deliberating I decided to play a few holes.

The other day I wrote a piece titled “Rising in the Fall” where I talked about playing golf this time of the year. It’s my favorite time of the year to play. Less work means that there’s more time to play. Anyways, I made my way to the first tee. After driving my tee shot down the right side of the fairway and hitting a nice second shot I settled for a routine Par on a Par 5. Not a bad way to start. After settling for a Par on the 2nd Hole I would card a birdie on the third hole. Lately, I’ve been striking the ball fairly well and my game has been rounding into form. Having walked away with another birdie on the 4th hole and back to back pars on the  5th and 6th holes respectively, I made my way to the Par 3 7th.

The temperatures have dropped and with a cold, hurting north wind I stood on the tee. Where the tee blocks were set and where the pin was tucked towards the back of the green the hole measured around 130 yards. However, with the cold wind, I figured that the hole was playing 140-145 yards. Having settled on a New Level Golf Equipment 1031 Forged 9-iron I settled into my shot. The strike on the TaylorMade TP5x was pure (look for the recently posted review of those golf balls within these pages). I felt my eyes widen like they have on so many approach shots in the past as the golf ball tracked towards the pin. The flight saw maybe 10 feet of right to left curvature. I watched the golf ball land and one short hop later… the ball disappeared into the cup.

My first Ace! A hole-in-one!!!

I executed a massive fist pump and screamed “Oh my fucking Godddddd!!” (sorry kids). And then as quick as my jubilation happened it disappeared. There was nobody there suddenly giving me the feeling that this Ace was tainted and that it didn’t count. It was without a doubt the “best worst shot” that I’ve hit in my life. There was nobody to celebrate the moment with me. As I walked to the hole to pick up my TP5x it actually began to feel more like a “walk of shame”. I mean I know it happened but nobody else saw it. Does it count???

I would make the long drive to the 8th tee where I would walk away with a routine par. I would finish my evening by carding another birdie as I hit my tee shot to within 10″ to a temp green on the 9th. All in all a great evening and a 9 hole score of -5. So I have a question for everyone.

What’s the “best worst shot” that you’ve hit?


Until The Next Tee!!

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