Hole19 Announces New Features on Standalone App Exclusive to Casio Pro Trek Smartwatches

LISBON, Portugal, May 13, 2019: Hole19, a company that produces a multi-functional golf app with over 1.6M registered users, announces innovative features available on the new version of their standalone app  – the Hole19 Golf GPS for Smartwatch.

Authentication, Scoring and Wearable Maps are the new features that will be initially exclusive to Casio Pro Trek Smartwatches (WSD-F30 and WSD-F20 series) and will make use of their advanced technology and exceptional design to provide golfers with the option to play a golf round without the need for their smartphone.


The recently released Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30, in particular, boasts an exceptional level of comfort along with an innovative ‘Extend Mode’ which increases intervals between charging by optimizing power consumption.

The new features on Casio Smartwatches will come in handy to all wearable enthusiasts, in addition to the already existing and useful features initially provided when Hole19 first launched this app back at the beginning of 2017 for WearOS users: Course Download, GPS Distances, and Auto-change Hole. Once the golfers have logged in and downloaded their course maps, they will be able to play offline without the need for mobile data.

Authentication is a one-time-only process and completed by connecting to a Hole19 account via a smartphone with this status remaining until otherwise changed by the golfer.

After authentication, the golfer can leave their smartphone in their golf bag and play a round using the newly introduced Scoring Mode, allowing them to play in either Stableford or Strokeplay formats while logging all strokes including putts, sand shots, penalties and fairways hit.

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Also when using the new Hole19 Golf GPS for Smartwatch, authenticated golfers can access Wearable Maps. When the maps have been previously located and downloaded they will be accessible offline when on the golf course, and it will be possible to switch effortlessly between aerial or distance views in-round.  If using the new Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30, the maps will be brought to life using the smart watch’s enhanced dual-layer monochrome and colour display.

Hole19 CEO Anthony Douglas said, “We are extremely excited to be continuing our partnership with Casio and to be delivering the new and improved Hole19 Golf GPS for Smartwatch which gives wearable enthusiasts the ability to play a round of golf without needing to reach for their smartphone.”

The standalone Hole19 Golf GPS for Smartwatch app is available on Play Store for a one-off payment of €4.99.


About Hole19

Hole19 is a company that provides a mobile & wearable platform for golfers to discover & book their golf, plan & track their rounds on the course, as well as a social platform to connect with other golfers and golf courses. Over 1.6M golfers are registered on Hole19 across 201 countries. The free app boasts over 42,000 mapped courses to help golfers hit their next shot with confidence.


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