All golf push carts are not created equally.

So much has changed when it comes to golf push carts. Long gone are the two-wheeled varieties that destroyed many a rotator cuff and shoulder ligaments. Golf push cats have gone from being a basic ‘lugger” of golf bags to almost being a full-blown accessory. Some of this is partly because you can really “pimp” out the carts with cooler bags, different colored wheels, seats, sand bottles, fans, gloves during the cooler weather and perhaps a speaker for your listening pleasure to help you get through the day.


We’ve seen the evolution of golf carts from a folding and unfolding standpoint as well. Carts can be unfolded or folded with relative ease while maintaining a compact size in the trunk of your car. As easy as the collapsing and folding are with golf’s modern push carts there is still a need to clumsily use your hands and feet to get the job done. Well, a new entry from Bag Boy is set to change this.

During the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida one of my many appointments was with Dynamic Brands. The “umbrella company” that houses brands like Devant Sports Towel, IGOTCHA, Burton Golf, Datrek, and Bag Boy. It’s the latter that has introduced a golf push cart so easy to unfold and collapse that it’s nearly difficult to comprehend.

nitron console

The Bag Boy Nitron is a golf cart that is worthy of the name that has been a legacy in the golf push cart industry. The Nitron is a pushcart packed with features like a scorecard console complete with a mobile-device holder, and beverage holder, an XL accessory bag under the scorecard console for storage and the proverbial “piece de resistance” the auto-open capability that allows the Nitron to be opened or closed in two quick and simple steps thanks in part to the Nitrogen-powered opening system.

The Nitron was unreal to actually see in-person at the show. If all goes well, I will get a sample to test and reviews. In the meantime, please see the attached released as shared by Michelle Roop. Ms. Roop is the Marketing Manager of Dynamic Brands.

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Richmond, VA – The Bag Boy Company unveiled their one of a kind Nitron™ Push Cart, with its revolutionary auto-open technology, making it the fastest opening and closing cart in the industry. Its ease of use is unprecedented while maintaining its compact size for storage and transport.


“Customers, sales representatives, and consumers were all wowed at how simple and quick the Nitron popped open,” said Perry Hilbert, Sales Manager at Dynamic Brands. “There’s no other cart like it on the market.”


Golf Digest ranked Bag Boy’s new Nitron™ Push Cart at number 5 on their list of tech-forward products at the PGA Merchandise Show, highlighting the cart’s nitrogen-powered opening system which allows it to spring open from a folded position instantaneously and hassle-free. Eliminating the time it takes to open and the nuisance that often comes along with other carts is one of the top reasons the Nitron™ is so groundbreaking.


“What puts the Nitron above any other cart golfers have used in the past is simply its effortless open-and-close features. This cart is ready to go in seconds,” said Chris House of Golf and Ski Warehouse. “The convenience factor alone is reason enough to entice consumers, but it’s still super compact, lightweight and eye-catching.”


The Nitron™ Push Cart will be available April 25th in 8 different color options. The suggested retail price is $229.95 and will be available at multiple retail locations and

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