In a recent poll, I asked my Followers what they would like to see a review on next. In a way, it was a bit to my surprise that the majority of people voted for a putter review. But what surprised me more is how handily a putter review won by. As always, thanks to all who participated. I’ll be posting polls as a way to increase interaction at Until The Next Tee.

Make no mistake about it. I rolled a ton of putters during the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida and eventually I will be writing about all of them. However, for this review, I’ve elected to write a review on a putter so new that at the time their website wasn’t even published. That manufacturer is Sacks Parente. The model of putter that I’ve elected to write about is their Series 39 Blade Putter.


About Sacks Parente

Sacks Parente is the brainchild of Steve Sacks and Rich Parente. Sacks Parente firmly believes that the best only comes when things are not taken for granted. The Camarillo, California based putter manufacturer believes in being innovative through science-based methods. These methods include Sacks Parente’s patented “Ultra Low Balance Point” (ULBP) which aids the golfer in squaring the face at impact through a natural release. While there are ways to create an Ultra Low Balance Point through the use of using an over-weighted head it’s an engineering feat to accomplish this with a head that only weighs 350-360 grams. So how does Sacks Parente accomplish this?

Steve and Rich
Photo Credit: Sacks Parente


The first thing that they did was develop a putter grip that weighed less than 35-grams. For comparison, sake the average pistol-style putter grip weighs approximately 60-grams (give or take a few grams). This lightweight grip is a “key component” of their ULBP technology.  Another integral part of the ULBP technology that Sacks Parente packs into their putters is the lightweight composite shafts that Sacks Parente employs. The shafts weigh in between 30 and 35-grams which is literally a fraction of the weight of a stereotypical putter shaft. If you haven’t made putts with a composite shaft it really changes the feel of the putter (especially through impact).

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Photo Credit: Sacks Parente

Last but not least is the design of their heads. Putters from Sacks Parente feature a very high MOI. To achieve this resistance to twisting at impact where putts haven’t been struck on the sweet spot Sacks Parente uses Tungsten inserts in the heel and toe of their putter heads. In doing so, Sacks Parente shifted more weight to the peripheries of the putter as opposed to the center of the head.


The Series 39 Blade Putter

The Series 39 Blade Putter is a true blade putter by definition. A design that has withstood the test of time. Blade putters are elegant and the Series 39 is no exception. What’s different about this blade putter is the high MOI design. Its center of gravity is located right in between the front and back of the putter design.

The 39 Series Blade putter also has an insert. Unlike other putters that use a polymer, copper or carbon fiber insert Sacks Parente uses patent-pending AL24. It’s an ultra-lightweight material that further allows the weight to be moved to the perimeter. According to Sacks Parente AL24 also absorbs vibration “100 times better than steel”.

DSC_0387 (2)


When I finally got to the putting green at the 2019 PGA Show Demo Day things were wrapping up for the day. The sun was quite literally setting on Demo Day. This translated into the Bermuda-grass having grown and the putting surface had been trampled on by thousands of attendees. Making it there to roll a few putts was nearly an afterthought.

The first putters that I rolled for the week of the show were, in fact, the Series 39 Blade from Sacks Parente. Having published a press release prior to the PGA Show I knew what these putters were going to look like. I just had no idea how pretty they truly were. Not only are they elegant as a blade putter should be I would identify them as exquisite. Everything about them exuded class. The sole, the face everything. Ultimately the pictures in the press kit didn’t do them justice. What didn’t show up in the pictures was the milling of the face. Like I’ve already alluded to… exquisite. Even the branding on the bottom of the putter was very well done. They left no stone unturned in the aesthetics department of this putter.


I picked a hole location that was likely the trickiest spot on the putting surface at Orange County National Golf Resort and Lodge. This putt was downhill and slid right to left. In a word, it was a “greasy, slick” putt. Even the representative said that I picked a fun putt. Admittedly, I didn’t want to be in anybody else’s way. My first stroke was a bit wayward as I hadn’t made a putt with this putter before. The overall lightweight threw me off and I blew my putt past the hole. The second stroke fared much better and it didn’t take me long to adjust. The sightline is basic as it should be on a blade putter as it’s just a simple notch with black paintfill. Without knowing the specifics of the MOI numbers (I forgot to ask at the time) there was no twisting through impact. The face was square through impact and I think a lot can be said of their research in this area. Rolls were as true as can be considering the conditions of the green at this time of the day. The feel was fantastic off of the face.



The Sacks Parente Series 39 Blade putter is a fine piece of craftsmanship. The looks are delicate and exude class. Typically, I’m a mallet guy (on the heavy side) mostly because they are more forgiving. I’ve always loved the look of blade putters but my stroke hasn’t necessarily agreed with my eye. The Series 39 Blade changed that outlook. This is a 350-360 gram head that feels like it should be more than 400-grams. I would play this putter and feel good about it. The Series 39 Blade was a finalist for a Teezy Award in the “Top Putter” category. The Series 39 amassed 38/40 points. The Series 39 Blade comes in two versions and with it two different price points. The Series 39 Player’s Edition retails for $600 USD while the Series 39 Tour Edition retails for $1200 USD as it’s made from 316L Surgical Steel. For more information please visit

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