Don’t Discount Yourself Too Much

Often the stories that I come up with to write about come from out of nowhere. More often it’s a thought and I just feel a need to write. I guess this morning.. .or late morning is one such case. Here we are… it’s Super Bow Sunday and admittedly I have no vested interest in the spectacle. So instead of making dinner plans I was working a little bit on the Teezy Awards. I can now tell you that I have some of the winners all sorted out.


But it made me think…. about the Teezy Awards and about us.. golfers in general. Why do we insist on selling ourselves short? It can be our golf game or how we swing a golf club. I guess the point that I’m trying to make is that we all have elements of our game that we could improve upon. In my case my putting is an issue. So is clubhead speed in light of numbers that I saw in Orlando at the aboutGolf booth while on one of their simulators. My results looked so good at Demo Day and my drives sure as heck looked longer than 227 yards and a Swing Speed of 94 mph. If accurate, that means I’m down 20 mph (up to a 3 mph variance). That’s a lot! I may not get back the lost head speed and it might be a “golf consequence” of my September Stroke. But there are positives. My striking was great, I was in tempo and all things considered my putting seemed to be very solid on the practice greens. Positives!!

I know that it’s a human trait to look at the negatives but don’t sell yourself short. There are positives to your game and it’s not all doom and gloom.

Speaking of selling one’s self short… I need to talk about my Teezy Awards. When I mention these awards to manufacturers I do so in a way that almost discredits myself. At the very least… I demean myself. I talk about them “tongue and cheek” and use sarcasm by using words like “prestigious”. You know what?! They actually are… and I just realized it this morning (quite literally). The Teezy Awards aren’t Golf Digest Hot List nor are they MGS Most Wanted (I don’t follow them… and don’t care who they say is the “Most Wanted”). But to me… my Teezy Awards mean a little bit more. Here’s why…

  1. Golf Equipment manufacturers do not pay me for placing ads on my site
  2. I’m not sponsored by any companies
  3. I’m not swayed in any way shape or form to pick Brand A over Brand B
  4. My picks are genuine and based on what I use to pass judgement (my senses)
  5. I cover as many brands as possible no matter the size of the company. Every company deserves fair coverage. (I was one of the first to cover New Level Golf… long before the “big guys” did)


Basically, when I place my stamp of approval on something… you know it’s good. I don’t need to say that I’m unbiased or honest. That’s something that should be assumed in this industry. Educating golfers through reviews. Genuine with a real touch of humanity is another thing and that’s what I bring to each and every one of you. That’s why I will no longer discredit myself or the Teezy Awards. They are an honor for those companies that get nominated or win.

Until The Next Tee!!

#FightAndGrind #SeeUOnTheNextTee


Bridgestone Golf Unveils Exciting Evolution of Its Industry-Leading Ball Fitting Program

Testing off the tee now complemented by approach shot data and greenside considerations


COVINGTON, Ga. – (January 23, 2019) – Bridgestone Golf, the #1 Ball-Fitter in Golf, is announcing exciting changes to its groundbreaking Ball Fitting program that will help golfers determine which golf ball is best suited for their game for tee shots, approach shots and greenside performance.

To date, Bridgestone’s Ball Fitting program has relied on a method of head-to-head driver testing – with a player’s current golf ball selection being pitted against a selection from the Bridgestone line that was derived from a series of driver swing measurements on its Science Eye launch monitors. In 2019, in addition to the trusted driver performance analysis, Bridgestone will begin measuring approach shot performance using an 8-iron as its testing control.  Bridgestone will look at spin rates, launch angle, ball speed and other key measurements to help determine changes in accuracy, consistency and distance on approach shots from ball-to-ball.  Once a player is fit into a category of ball based on the driver and approach shot testing, Bridgestone will provide that player with 2-ball sample sleeves to conduct their own greenside testing before making a final determination as to which ball they make their “gamer.”


“In 2006, we launched a program that changed the conversation golfers were having from which players were playing which balls on Tour, to which ball should I play that best fits my game,” said Adam Rehberg, Golf Ball Fitting Manager, Bridgestone Golf, Inc.  “As we have continued our efforts to educate consumers through many different methods about the best way to choose a golf ball fit for them, technology has advanced and consumers have become more sophisticated about what questions to ask.  So, in 2019, we are adding approach shot analysis and short-game considerations to our in-person fittings.  We will be able to confidently fit golfers the same way they play the game, from tee to green.”

Bridgestone’s Ball Fitting program, which launched in 2006 as “The Bridgestone Challenge,” is credited with being the first consumer-focused system to use science-based launch monitor data to educate golfers on how different golf balls affect their games – encouraging them to choose golf balls based on data metrics rather than the emotional appeal of what Tour players are playing.  What Bridgestone found was astonishing.  An incredible 7 out of 10 players tested benefitted from being fit for a golf ball, gaining distance and/or accuracy off the tee.  Through 2018, Bridgestone has conducted over 300,000 in person fittings and over 2.1 million golfers in total have been aided in their golf ball selection with tools like B-FIT Chat, On-Line Golf Ball Selector and the B-FIT Swing App that allows golfers to conveniently measure their swing characteristics using their smart phone’s camera.  In addition to being used as a diagnostic tool, Bridgestone has also relied on Ball Fitting in product R&D with several balls being developed as a result of information gleaned through the program.

In 2019, Bridgestone will return to a greater emphasis on its in-person fittings, relaunching teams of ball-fitting professionals to conduct one-on-one fittings at golf courses, retailers and other special events throughout the golf season.

“Greenside testing is challenging because feel is so subjective when it comes to player preferences on chips and pitches, so what better way for a player to ensure they have a ball that fits their game on and around the greens than doing some testing of their own with complimentary balls,” said Rehberg.  “We are confident that with the evolution of our Ball Fitting methodology golfers will have a clearer picture than ever before about how a golf ball’s construction impacts every facet of their game.”

Bridgestone’s new Ball Fitting program will kick-off in Atlanta during the Super Bowl Experience at the Georgia World Congress Center and Super Bowl LIVE in Centennial Park. This spring Bridgestone’s evolved Ball Fitting will make its way to select Sunbelt markets, expanding its reach nationwide this summer and fall.  For more information about Bridgestone’s enhanced Ball Fitting program visit


About Bridgestone Golf

Based in Covington, GA, Bridgestone Golf USA manufactures premium golf balls, clubs and accessories under the Bridgestone and Precept brands. The company started making golf balls in 1935 and today has more golf ball design patents than any other company. Beginning in 2006, Bridgestone revolutionized golf ball selection with its custom ball-fitting program, identifying a golfer’s ideal golf ball based on personal swing characteristics. Today, as the #1 Ball-Fitter in Golf, Bridgestone has conducted over 2.1 million fittings via a combination of live-fitting, online selection and its B-FIT App.  The consumer data gathered from ball-fitting continues to inspire Bridgestone’s innovative new golf ball designs, yielding industry-leading performance products for the entire range of players, from recreational golfers to the best in the world. Bridgestone Golf is proudly represented on international professional tours by icons such as Tiger Woods, Fred Couples, Matt Kuchar, Bryson DeChambeau and Lexi Thompson.  Bridgestone Golf USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bridgestone Sports Co. Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo. More information: