One of the booths that I really enjoyed during the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida was the booth belonging to BIG MAX Golf. For those that don’t know much about the brand they offer premium golf push carts (#1 in Europe) and recently a series of waterproof golf bags.

Among the carts in their product range is the Blade IP. It was nice to finally to see this product up close seeing that I’ve covered it but couldn’t relate to it. Where many push carts fold up nicely… they still do remain somewhat bulky while folded up in the trunk of your vehicle. Especially, in the case of a compact car. Due to a mechanism in the way that the Blade IP is designed this cart folds flat. In its folded form it’s a little more than 5″ high.

In the press release below BIG MAX Golf lists several highlights that they experienced from 2019 PGA Show. Thanks go out to David Wheatley of Media8 Golf for sharing the release.

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Europe’s #1 push cart and waterproof golf bag brand BIG MAX has had a 2019 PGA Merchandise show full of highlights, with the world’s golf industry professionals and media blown away by the 2019 line up of products that were showcased on the brand new BIG MAX booth.

All the latest products from BIG MAX were on show in Orlando, including the 2018 star of the show the BLADE IP. Despite being it’s second year on the booth, the Blade IP stunned visitors with its Fold Flat mechanism that leaves it less than 5 inches deep when folded. While the Blade IP got many admiring looks, the stand out BIG MAX products for 2019 were its line of waterproof Aqua, and water-resistant Dri Lite, golf bags.


In line for special praise on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive was the Aqua Sport 2, that was highlighted as one of its 3 quality golf bags, a real accomplishment considering the number of competitor brands on show. went one further and identified the whole Aqua line as one of only four products that caught the eye at Demo day, as well as highlighting the line in it’s Best of the PGA Merchandise Show feature.

From a business perspective the show brought huge success as BIG MAX looks to expand its global reach. BIG MAX owner Thomas Reiter feels that although the dynamics of the show have changed over recent years, it is still presents important business opportunities for the brand, as he explains, “The show is a fantastic opportunity to market our products to a number of different audiences. The PR we are able to create is fantastic as there are so many journalists from all around the world in the same place at the same time. Plus we can show our new lines to our existing distributors, and we can put the brand in the shop window for distributors in new markets. The bonus was that we made quite a few orders as well!”


With new distributor deals for territories across the globe in the pipeline plus fantastic P.R. for the new lines the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show was a great success for BIG MAX. There was even time for a contest between Austria, the U.S. and the U.K. that saw representatives of each country go head to head in the BIG MAX Blade IP Challenge. Check out the results and share in one of the many highlights of the show for BIG MAX.

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