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Indi Golf is a golf brand that has a goal. To focus on individuals. In an era where mass production is almost the norm Indi Golf wants to focus “on each individuals golf experience and make it better for them” according to Indi Golf General Manager Rob Lang in a recent conversation on Twitter.

Formed by three friends that wanted to bring enjoyment of the game of golf to “all walks of life” first introduced the original StingRay wedge. This wedge wasn’t conforming but it allowed the average recreational golfer to spin the golf ball like you see on Tour. The surface of the clubface gripped the ball in such a way that maximum spin was imparted on the golf ball. Another key feature was their introduction of “ScoopBack Technology”. ScoopBack Technology is the optimization of the “face thickness smoothly in every section across the entire head”. The result is very forgiving perimeter weighting.


Coming off of the success of the StingRay wedge, Indi Golf sought out to create a conforming wedge that would include their ScoopBack Technology. Thus the StingRay TT wedge was created. TractionFace grooves and a face texture that was still within the limits of the Rules of Golf was employed in the creation of the TT version. The StingRay TT wedge still offered the same ScoopBack Technology as seen in the original StingRay wedge. Forgiveness through perimeter weighting.

Getting released today is Indi Golf’s latest StingRay wedge. The new ATK Grind wedges will make their debut during the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show next week in Orlando. ATK is the abbreviated form of the word “attack”. The new ATK Grind is intended for golfers that are looking for more heel, toe and trailing edge relief. This grind will allow for increased shot making. Player’s will now be able to “open the face and the leading edge will remain the same distance from the ground as if in a square club face position, yielding a consistent look and increased confidence”.

For more details on the new ATK Grind wedges please see the press release below.


VISTA, CA, January 15, 2019– Indi Golf, design and manufacturer of high-performance golf clubs, introduces new ATK Grind wedges to give players more shot-making options. The ATK Grind will be launched at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show January 23 through January 25 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Indi Golf is part of the International Clubmakers Guild and will be exhibiting with them at the Demo Day on Tee #5 on January 22, 2019 and at the convention center in Room #W209B.


“We’re committed to designing quality products that will help golfers perform at their best and enjoy the game more,” said Rob Lang, General Manager, Indi Golf. “Our new ATK Grind, which is short for Attack, allows us to provide an option for players needing more bounce and turf forgiveness on square face shots.”


The ATK Grind has been designed with more heel, toe and trailing edge relief to allow for increased shot making. This allows the player to open the face and the leading edge will remain the same distance from the ground as if in a square club face position, yielding a consistent look and increased confidence.


“This new grind is an addition to our current grind that has been very well received and successful,” added Lang. The ATK Grind is designed with Indi Golf’s ScoopBack, TractionFace, and LaunchControl technologies, maintaining Indi’s legendary forgiveness, spin, and control. The ATK Grind will feature a new matt black finish and will be available in both the StingRay and StingRay TT models.


Indi Golf’s proprietary ScoopBack design creates maximum forgiveness by moving mass higher in the face, and toward the toe.  This optimizes the location of the club’s CG, making the head more stable on off-center contact, helping shots feel better, go straighter, spin more and end up closer to the hole.  The ScoopBack design is not a muscle back or perimeter-weighted design but is a combination that brings the player the best of both worlds.

TractionFace technology uses a proprietary open square groove shape and pattern to create tremendous backspin and optimal launch conditions.  These aggressive box grooves increase spin by 50% and are so effective that the StingRay wedge exceeds the performance limits outlined in the Rules of Golf, making them ideal for recreational golfers. StingRay TT remixes TractionFace technology with another revolutionary groove shape and pattern to optimize launch and increase backspin by 20% on a full swing while Conforming to the Rules of Golf.


Other features of the ATK Grind wedges designed to improve performance include:

  • LaunchControl – A lower launch and higher spin combination allows golfers to be more aggressive and reduces the influence of elements on the ball.
  • ShortHosel – Creates discretionary weight that has been position higher in the face and more towards the toe, resulting in higher performance, better feel, and more forgiveness.
  • Optimized Bounce – Allows the head to glide through the turf yielding solid contact for the grooves to grab the ball and impart maximum spin while producing ideal launch conditions.


The ATK Grind StingRay TT Wedges are available in 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60-degree lofts. They conform with the Rules of Golf. The ATK Grind StingRay Wedges are offered in 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60-degree lofts. They do not conform with the Rules of Golf. MSRP is $159.99 for all models. For more information, visit


About Indi Golf


Indi Golf was the dream child of three good friends who love the sport of golf, and were lucky enough to have accomplished careers designing, engineering, and selling golf product. We respect the sport of golf and have a deep desire to grow the game by bringing its enjoyment to all walks of life. Every individual golfer connects with the sport in their own way, and it is our goal to give golfers top tier, quality product that will help them to not only perform at their best, but enjoy at their best!


For more information about Indi Golf visit:

Twitter: @indi_golf

Facebook: @indigolfclubs

Instagram: @indi_golf

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Nexbelt Showcasing New Belts At the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show

I had the pleasure of testing a product from Nexbelt in 2018. The Fast Eddie Vie was a terrific belt and a must have for many golfers. Personally speaking, I highly recommend them. The belts from Nexbelt with their PreciseFit™ system always provide a… precise fit.  As a matter of fact, as I prepare to pack my belongings for the upcoming PGA Show in Orlando, Florida I am only bringing one belt. That belt IS the Nexbelt Fast Eddie Vie that I tested and reviewed.

At the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show, Nexbelt will be showcasing their new products for 2019. For more details, please see the press release below as shared by Joe Wieczorek from The Media Group Inc.


(RANCHO CUCAMONGA) – Nexbelt, “The Original Belt With No Holes”, announced today that they will be showcasing several new belt collections for 2019 in BOOTH #4683 at the PGA Merchandise Show, January 23-25, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

“We strive to be the best and we’re always looking for ways to make our belts better,” said Eddie Rowland, of Nexbelt”, and this year is no exception. We upgraded the clasp on every buckle to ensure a solid grip to the leather/fabric belt. We also changed the fasteners in the buckle from pins that can work their way loose and fall out, to stainless steel socket screws “Patent Pending”. This adds strength and durability to the buckle that you will only get from a Nexbelt. It is the best way to manufacture a buckle, synonymous with Nexbelt. Our customers are the #1 priority and we want to make sure we’re giving them the highest quality products we can. 2019 offers the most expansive new selection of ratchet belts the industry has ever seen.”

New Collections for 2019

Shield Series 3.0

New and improved for 2019 all our Shield Series belts now feature set screws instead of pins for added strength and durability and a satin nickel finish on the buckle with a beveled edge. Available in Black, Walnut, Espresso and White.

Vetica Series

A brand-new design for 2019, the Vetica Series belts are inspired by the great Italian design houses. The tip’s shortened stitching and open face buckle add a unique, elegant look. This premium leather belt is perfect for office wear or when you want to dress it up. Available in Brown, Carbon Black, Black and Raven.

Basket Weave Series

New for 2019, the basket weave embossed leather strap shows through the u-shaped open face buckle. A great golf belt but also a great way to dress up a pair of jeans or khakis. Available in Black and Espresso.


Go-In Colour Series

New and improved for 2019 all our Go-In Colour Series belts now feature set screws instead of pins for added strength and durability

and a satin nickel beveled edge on the buckle. The buckle flips down to reveal a hidden magnetic ball marker. Pebble Grain Leather Belts are available in Cognac, Deep Sea Navy, Pitch Black, Tobacco, Smoke Grey, and Winner White.

Legardo Sleek Series

New for 2019, the Legardo Sleek Series belts are perfect for Men or Women looking for a slightly thinner 1″ belt versus our standard 1 3/8″ belts. The sleek open face buckle is inspired by the great Italian design houses. Available in Black, Brown, White and Pink.


Camden Series

The lizard embossed leather strap shows through the sleek open face buckle. A perfect belt for golf or when you want to dress up your wardrobe a bit. Available in Brown and Black.

About Nexbelt

Nexbelt is 100% committed to offering its customers superior customer service and the most innovative and technologically advanced products available. Nexbelt’s unique ratcheting system called PreciseFit allows the wearer to adjust his or her belt in ¼ inch increments, providing the best fit, feel, and fashion of any belt on the market.

Nexbelt’s DRIVE Vision….

Deliver what we Promise with Integrity.

Retain the Human touch

Invest in Good People generously.

Value our Customers Unconditionally.

Embrace Change with Innovation.

Company Founders, Tom Hunsucker, and Eddie and Francis Rowland started Nexbelt in 2010 with a vision to reinvent the way Americans buy, sell and wear their belts. Tired of the old outdated pin/buckle system, they set their sights on creating a belt that would be both adjustable and highly fashionable at the same time. Out of this passion, Nexbelt, “The Belt With No Holes” was born.

Nexbelt®, Precise FitTM and “The Belt With No Holes”® are registered trademarks.


For more information about Nexbelt™, visit

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