(Switzerland) – MLA Golf, a global player in high-performance golf clubs and equipment, announced today that they’re partnered with P2 Grips. All of MLA Golf’s Tour Series putters will feature P2’s patented putter grips on them for 2019.

“On their own, each of these products is very effective at helping golfers make more putts,” said Valery Turco of MLA Golf. “So combining the patented visual alignment technology of our putters with the grip technology that P2 Grips offers was a no brainer.” “It’s going to help a lot of golfers, at all skill levels, improve their accuracy and their distance control on the greens.”


About P2 Putter Grips – #ScienceMeetsFeel

The unique patented design of the P2 Putter Grip allows the shaft to be positioned along the underside of the grip encouraging the golfer to position their hands and wrists higher at address. This off-center shaft design is proven through independent biomechanical testing to improve putting performance. Hand and wrist movement is restricted, producing better control of the putter face, with more putts being struck from the sweet spot.

P2 Grips tested by Quintic Consultancy revealed the following performance benefits:

*          Putts were struck closer to sweet spot.

*          Putter face was prevented from twisting open or closed at impact.

*          Hook or slice spin was reduced

*          Putts started closer to the intended starting line.

The P2 grip through its shape and soft tacky texture promotes even grip pressure, while eliminating tension in the wrist and forearms. This helps the arms to swing freely, further enhancing a more stable, consistent and reliable pendulum putting stroke.

For more information on P2 Grips visit www.p2grips.com.


About Patented Multiple Line-detector Activation

What truly sets the MLA Putter apart from the competition is its patented MLA (Multiple Line-detector Activation) Alignment Technology that will revolutionize your putting.

This is how it works…

We all have internal guides to compare and analyze sensory information that control pace and direction of putts. The MLA putters are designed to take advantage of these guides. MLA Putters worked with Dr. Lennart Högman, Ph.D. Dr. Högman has studied the perceptual process for more than 20 years and has performed studies that have revised the science between the human’s perceptions and the human being’s motor skills. Dr. Högman says: “An alignment system that acts upon multiple line detectors is a key to obtain veridical motion perception and a perfect in-line stroke surface.”

The brain consists of 100,000 line detectors that are divided into a number of groups that help us decide what is straight. A simple line, for example, activates a group of detectors. When several groups of detectors are activated, these help the brain to make correct judgments. However, the more line detectors that are stimulated will not automatically lead to a better line judgment. On the contrary, this can create a “competition” between the line detectors that will lead to different degrees of (so called) optical illusions.

MLA is developed to activate the maximum number of coordinated detectors for optimal aiming judgment.

About MLA Golf
The design and manufacture of golf clubs is both an art and a science. MLA Golf combines the very latest technology and computer aided design with years of experience and hand-crafting skills to build thousands of clubs as well as custom-made clubs worldwide.

From its headquarters in Switzerland – a country renowned for precision engineering – MLA Golf expanded into the U.S. in 2016. MLA putters are currently available in 34 countries with world-class products that can compete in any market.

With its pioneering Multiple Line-detector Activation (MLA) alignment technology, MLA Golf Putters have been designed initially in Sweden using leading academic research. Whatever your playing level is, with MLA Golf, you’ll have everything you need to reach success on even the most demanding courses. The breakthrough MLA Aim Technology, and the research that goes into their clubs, make the green more accessible with every swing and every putt. It’s no wonder that more and more acclaimed golfers across the world are switching to MLA Golf and feeling the difference for themselves.

For more information on MLA Golf visit their website www.MLA.golf.

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