Can you believe it? It’s nearly 2019 and in a few short weeks UTNT will be heading down to Orlando, Florida for the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show. Honestly, it’s this event that gets me excited in a way that Christmas does for children around the world. For this event… truly makes me feel like a child.

As the show closes in my appointment book is starting to fill up. It’s a good thing because it will give me content for the year. This year though, is going to be different as far as distributing stories for the year. Look for a ton of video and “First Look” reviews while I’m still in Orlando. It’s a perk of writing for yourself I suppose.

Crystal and I are covering it all this year. Apparel, accessories, gift ideas, training aids and of course golf balls and golf equipment. I’m going to be trying to swing as many products as I can from as many manufacturers as possible instead of having tunnel vision and being very selective. However, there are certain companies that I definitely want to visit on Demo Day.

Here is my proposed list thus far for the Driver/Metalwood Category.

Bridgestone Golf – They’re back for the first time in a few years. Not only are they unveiling a new Ball Fitting 2.0 system but perhaps they will have the Tour B JGR there to swing among their new offering…the Tour B J819. The original JGR was a sleeper in 2016.


Callaway Golf – The scuttlebutt surrounding the Epic Flash is pretty crazy. If this driver somehow marries the Epic and the Rogue the hype will be worth it. Honestly, I don’t know what they’re doing for irons this year.


Cobra Golf  – You’ve seen my press release regarding the KING F9 SPEEDBACK range. With professional victories already this year by Lexi Thompson and Bryson DeChambeau it’s a must swing. Besides… the KING F8/F8+ was the best driver that I made swings with last year. Will the KING F9 live up to it?


Fourteen Golf – This JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) is the first brand that’s a little obscure on the list. At the moment, they have two driver offerings the CT 518 and the DT 112. I made swings with their drivers in maybe 2014 and I remember the crisp feel at impact. Their irons are typically very good.


Lynx Golf – Last year their #BB driver was the biggest surprise for me at the Demo Day. It was a nice looking driver and it performed very well. Maybe my expectations were set very low prior to hitting it and maybe that’s why I thought it “over-achieved”. Their new Black Cat woods and irons sound and look intriguing. Lynx Golf you’re no longer under my radar. The image was too small for me to share.

Mizuno Golf – The last time that I made a swing with a Mizuno Golf driver/metalwood was the JPX EZ. Before that, it was the Blue Rage. Yes… I kid you not. So I’m anticipating swinging whatever they bring to Orange County National Golf Resort and Lodge. Is it the ST190? Or is it a Prototype that I’ve seen on the internet. After all… if it’s on the internet it has to be true.


PING Golf – I have never made a swing with a PING product at the PGA Show Demo Day. A few years ago I snuck onto the ETC and made swings there where I was fit into a 8* G 30 LST and an X-Stiff shaft to get my spin down. It felt hot but I would have loved to see it on the Demo Day range. This year that changes one way or another.

Srixon Golf – Srixon Golf has two drivers in their stable for the 2019 product cycle. The Z 585 and the Z 785. I’ve heard conflicting reports about these drivers. Everything from they’re amazing and long to a few sales people at a large golf box store saying that they can’t hit them for the life of them. I’ll put them through their paces in Orlando.


Titleist – I haven’t made a swing with a Titleist driver since the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show. Funny story, the 917 D2 and D3 review that I did based on those swings at that Demo Day was one of my most read posts of 2018. I’m going to try to get a hold of the TS2 and TS3 at Demo Day. Titleist uses a two-year product cycle which is something that I’ve always admired about them. When Titleist releases new clubs… they’re fantastic.


Tour Edge Golf – I made a claim today. Tour Edge isn’t a game-changer in 2019… they’re an industry changer. The EXS line is promising and based on my findings while testing the EXS Hybrid was that they have a real winner. The driver and metalwood will be the same. Loaded with technology and an attractive price point at $299 USD. Tour Edge shows us that you can have premium products without having to sell off one of your organs to purchase them. I cannot wait to swing the EXS driver.


Wilson GolfThe winner of Driver vs Driver 2 was introduced to the golfing public. It was fun watching the Cortex through all of the phases. I’ve been a little critical of the Cortex because I thought it looked “too safe” and “too familiar”. But, they know what they’re talking about (Tim Clarke and the rest of the team at Wilson Golf). I saw it in hand and it really is their best looking driver yet. What I heard from reps about Srixon (above) was not how they felt about Cortex. Apparently, it’s the real deal.


Stay tuned for another piece leading up to the PGA Show. I have a list of “must try” irons and I’m surprised where that focus actually is.

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What’s in a name? I’m not going to lie. When I first saw the name “Golftini” it piqued my interest. I wanted to hear more about this company and the main reason that I wanted to learn more is because a name can say so much.

Golftini is a fun name, a play on words if you will. For myself, when I select a nice white wine from the 100’s of vineyards that we have in the Niagara Region I actually look at the label first. The label is what grabs my attention and then the kind (type of grape etc).

This was precisely how Golftini grabbed my attention. First of all, I like the martini logo on it (this coming from a non-martini drinker) so that says a lot. Mostly, it’s women that drink martinis so to me it’s kind of a tip of the cap towards women.

Photo Credit: Golftini

The clothes appear to be fun and cute. Golftini caters to different sizes of women. They go from a size 00 to a size 16. However, I do have a concern with this line. Are the sizes “actual” sizing or do they fit smaller than what the “norm” would be? What some people may think iss a 2X may not match the measurements of the actual outfits. so be cautious and know your sizes and measurements (chest, waist, hips etc). That said, the designs are fun and flirty and they have different lengths of skirts. This may be especially beneficial because some women prefer something a little longer (for those that are more “conservative”) and this is one of the options that are offered.

Take a look for yourself.  Go to and see what you are missing. You can learn a little more about their products and what they will be doing at the 2019 PGA Show below.


Westfield, NJ – Golftini will be exhibiting (BOOTH 4591) at the 66th PGA Merchandise Show, Jan. 23-25, 2019, in Orlando, Fla. “As we approach our 15th year at the show, we are thrilled to be recognized by the most influential retailers around the world for our signature printed and patterned skorts,” says Golftini Owner/Designer, Susan Hess. “We are one of the few women’s golf brands that offer an array of fabrications to cater to our customers. Our three different fabrications (stretch cotton, tech and performance) drive our success, coupled with the fact that we offer two different length skorts and of course, unique, trendy prints.”

Golftini’s Spring 2019 Collection, “Fun and Games,” features 17 colorful and stylish skorts including the bright “Candy Land” performance skort and whimsical “Musical Chairs” stretch cotton skort. Customers can create a distinctive look for their shop with Golftini’s dyed-to-match coordinating tops and layering pieces. “This year, we are excited to introduce more athleisure pieces like a UPF 30 Sleeveless Sport Tech Tie Top, which has been a request amongst our resort clubs.” says Hess.

The Twister from Golftini. (Photo Credit: Golftini

“With an asymmetrical hem and optional knot closure, this tank can be styled both on-and-off the golf course.” Be the first to see our newest Resort/Fall 2019 “A Reason, A Season Collection.” These styles include the “All Nighter” ombré print pull-on, “Jet Setter” and “Thrill Seeker” in a new wrap silhouette.

From Wednesday, Jan. 23 to Friday, Jan. 25, Golftini will exhibit on the show floor(BOOTH 4591) to showcase the Spring and Fall 2019 Collections at the Orange County Convention Center.

About the PGA Merchandise Show

The 66 th PGA Merchandise Show, held Jan. 22-25, 2019, in Orlando, will welcome some 1,000 top golf companies and brands and more than 40,000 industry professionals from around the world to the industry’s annual global summit for the business of golf. The PGA Show Demo Day, the world’s largest professional golf testing event, will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 22, at the Orange County National Golf Center. During PGA Show days, Jan. 23-25 at the Orange County Convention Center, PGA Professionals, retailers and industry leaders will uncover the latest trends, source the newest golf merchandise, test the latest equipment, learn proven business best practices, network among peers and move forward the business of the game.

The PGA Merchandise Show is a trade-only event and is not open to the public.

Learn more at


About Golftini

Golftini is your go-to brand for the most fashionable women’s golf apparel. Golftini provides a variety of designer golf clothing, specializing in fun and fabulous skorts. The Golftini collection offers something for everyone; a pop of color, on-trend styles, and exclusive designs that allow you to look and feel your best on and off the golf course. In addition to being well-recognized for their exclusively designed fabrics and patterns,

Golftini is renowned for its exceptional customer service. “Golftini has a long-standing reputation of top-notch service,” says Paige Golibert, Merchandiser at Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club in Jupiter, FL. “Whether it’s the friendly sales reps, speedy delivery, or going the extra mile for one of my members, I choose Golftini every year and recommend it to all of my peers.”

Learn more at

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Wilson Golf. That’s the brand that I think of when I think of low compression, soft feel golf balls. Over the last several product cycles Wilson Golf introduced the golfing world to models of golf balls like the 50, 50 Elite, the zero compression core ZIP and of course the DUO. For the longest time, I always thought that the DUO was the ball that offered the best bang for the buck. It was cost-effective, exploded off of the tee, the approach spin was very admirable and if you anticipated a little bit of run-out it was very serviceable around the green.

In 2015, Wilson Golf introduced golfers to the DUO Soft and DUO Spin. The DUO Soft came in at a “marshmallowy” 29 compression while its Spin brethren came in at a 40 compression. Unheard of previously for a multi-layer golf ball (3-piece). What the original DUO lacked in greenside control the DUO Spin brought to the table. As our timeline extends just a little further down the development pipeline of Wilson Golf’s golf ball division (headed up by Golf Ball Innovation Director Frank Simonutti) 2018 brought the DUO Urethane golf ball. A slightly firmer golf ball with a 55 compression the DUO Urethane offered better players the softest feel and impressive greenside control that was the by-product of the urethane cover. All of this while still providing explosive length off of the tee.


Wilson Golf looks to be offering golfers another terrific option in 2019 at a very fair price point. This year Wilson Golf is introducing the DUO Professional. The DUO Professional sounds like a golf ball that offers a lot of “bang for the buck” in the Under $40 golf ball category. A golf ball that features a 60 compression, a urethane cover and brings together  a compromise (as Wilson Golf says) of “tour-level performance with our best-feeling player’s ball”.

For more information on the new DUO Professional golf ball… please see the press release shared below. This ball sounds very intriguing!!


The new DUO Professional offers the ultimate tour-level feel and distance


CHICAGO, November 1, 2018 –Wilson Staff has officially introduced the new DUO Professional golf ball. Designed to take tour-level performance with great feel to new heights, DUO Processional will further advance the ongoing success of the famous DUO line.


The new 60 compression DUO Professional offers a seamless 362-dimple pattern for enhanced distance and trajectory compared to any 3-piece ball on the market. The urethane cover provides exceptional scuff resistance and optimum greenside spin for optimal feel and control.


“Our purpose with the DUO Professional is to give golfers the best-feeling ball and experience tour-level performance on the course,” said Frank Simonutti, Global Director of Golf Ball Innovation. “Mixed with a low compression and a seamless dimple pattern, the DUO Professional offers golfers a desired soft feel around the green without sacrificing power and distance.”


With a mid-hardness ionomer mantle and ultra-thin cast urethane cover, the Duo Professional provides soft feel along with 6-10% higher spin on iron shots for improved control around the green.  In addition, the DUO Professional flies as long or longer than any other 3-piece ball on the market.


The DUO Professional will be available in the standard gloss white, matte orange, matte yellow and matte green.


All DUO Professional golf balls will be available on and retailers starting on Monday, Dec. 3rd.


MAP Price: $34.99


About Wilson Golf

For 100 years, Wilson Golf has designed, manufactured and distributed premium and recreational golf equipment throughout the world.  Since 1914, Wilson Staff irons have won 61 major championships, more than any other iron manufacturer in history.  The winning tradition continues today by delivering the highest quality equipment to all golfers to enhance performance on the course and overall enjoyment of the game.

About Wilson

Chicago-based Wilson Sporting Goods Co., a division of Amer Sports, is the world’s leading manufacturer of sports equipment, apparel and accessories.  Through its dedication to creating products that enable athletes at every level to perform at their best, Wilson has earned its place as a leader in sporting goods for over a century.

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