Alright, I admit that this isn’t really a new thought or feeling for me. I’ve been down this road before and quite frankly… it’s a feeling that’s starting to feel really played out. I got back to playing golf and it felt so good. But unlike my other health-related hiatuses from playing this great game it feels different this time around. Not to sound like a broken record and I apologize if I do.

Saturday December 15th. Back on a golf course.

The reality is that I wasn’t too sure how long it would be after my Stroke that I’d be able to swing a golf club again. I knew that ultimately I would be able to swing a club again or for that matter be on a golf course again. But you never know how you’re going to be following any sort of health-issue. It can be as simple as a torn ligament, a high-ankle sprain or something far more serious like a heart attack or recovery from cancer. The latter reminds me of a woman that was my favorite golf partner ever. She was also the funnest lesson I ever had instructed. Her name was Joan (my coach’s wife) and she underwent a record amount of chemotherapy treatments. The number was well north of 200. Nothing stopped her from playing golf… there she’d be hitting balls at the dome or playing on the course with the “bottle” strapped to her side. I miss her. Anyways, my point being we just don’t know how we’re going to rebound following health problems.

First a Stroke and then for good measure a Diabetic Foot Ulcer. Practicing while wearing an off-loader.

Like I said in the opening. This time feels different. There seems to be a real sense of… I don’t know… achievement. From learning how to use my left side again. Learning how to walk, use my left arm and the different stages to the point where I was told that I was allowed to try golf activity again by my physiotherapist. Dayna was right… even going into the backyard and hitting into a net was both therapeutic and felt amazing!!

Progressing through 1/4 and 1/2 swings and finally into full swings I noticed that something felt different in my swing too. I don’t know if it’s the weakness in my dominant side (my left) but I’ve noticed different sensations throughout my swing now when compared to prior to the Stroke. My takeaway, transition, tempo and release in particular feel very different. Basically, my entire swing. It’s become very relaxed and feels technically sound. I honestly don’t know what it is or the cause.


Intending to get to a driving range to see real ballflight in order to wrap up testing of the Tour Edge Exotics EXS hybrid (review here) the notion never quite materialized. Instead, this past Saturday I opted to go to a nearby golf course to hit a few balls for the same purpose. Armed with only the hybrid and a New Level Golf 1031 Forged PW I stumbled onto the golf course. What was supposed to be maybe 10-15 hits from various lies to get an idea of what the club was like from a feel, distance and flight perspective turned into 11 holes of golf. It felt so good to be out there that I simply cannot express into words. Oh and for some reason… it (my swing) was clicking. Even a holed out chip for Birdie on a Par 5 happened.

One of the several approach shots I struck that were tight. PW from 132 yards.

If I can figure out the tonic that caused this sudden change in my golf swing that has seemingly yielded great results. Look for a New York Times best-selling golf instruction book. LOL.. of course I say that in jest. Never give up and always fight the good fight. #FightAndGrind.

Damn it feels great to be getting back to golf.

Until The Next Tee!!