In My Opinion…

An opinion… Do I have one? Absolutely! You need to be more active, you need to go out more and you need to exercise more. These are things that I always hear and have for many years from numerous people. Am I the only one to hear it? No, but I have no issue speaking about it or at least not anymore.


First of all, let me introduce myself.  My name is Crystal Toth and for those that aren’t familiar with me I am Alex’s (@UntilTheNextTee) wife and I’m also now his photographer and a contributor. There are many things that I’ve seen him do over the years or said things to him that I would never voice to strangers. Well guess what? Time’s up!


During Alex’s time building up his blog, website and his social media pages I’ve been beside him through it all. In the beginning, I was taking pics for him which is something that I love to do and especially for him. There are so many things I can photograph with him that others may not get. Like his relaxation as he is taking shots or practicing his swing or even just walking down the course. “Anyone can take those pics” I’m sure you are thinking, the difference is, I get him at his best when he can be real and just be him. That is why I do it. Over the last few years that has changed and he was the primary photographer.


In September 2018, Alex had a stroke which resulted him in needing to slow down, this is where I come in. Having been told that he needed to slow down a little he asked me to assist him. This year, I’ll be attending the PGA Show for the first time and attending it with media credentials. I will have full access with him and the freedom to take any photos that I want. Perhaps, there’ll be some that others may not be able to get. Or maybe, some of the celebrity appearances.


During this time as his contributor I will be covering a large variety of things. Things that Alex has more or less neglected. I’ll be bringing women’s golf products to the forefront, be it clothing for women including the companies that specifically have stuff for the “larger” woman, accessories and maybe gifts. For example, Alex I have a love for our dog Muskoka and I will also be looking at items maybe for him too (C4 Belts). So to say there will be a change is an understatement.


I will be bringing a different perspective to the sport and I can almost guarantee that
not everyone is going to like what I have to say but “Freedom of Speech” is a thing right? I would be a liar if I didn’t say I can sometimes be a little opinionated which brings me to me writing this tonight.


As I previously stated, there have been a lot of people say to me (and I know many others) “exercise, play sports etc.” I cannot count the number of times that I’ve heard that. In addition, I also cannot count the number of times that I have broken down into tears due to these statements, opinions or even while being in stores and looking at clothing that would not fit me. It made me feel “fat” and “unattractive” and “less important”.


This is why I am starting with this piece. The PGA Show is around the corner and I am looking on the site to see what items I can view. There are so many but at the same time there is not enough. I say not enough because while there are many golf apparel companies out there, there are not enough to cater to what I like to call “The Real Woman”. A lot of these companies cater to size 00 to maybe a size 10, 12 at the largest. That is hardly realistic nowadays. There are many women out there that are bigger and
can’t get their clothes. I am one such person, I saw a few really nice apparel companies that I was interested in going to see but I decided I was not going to go to their booth.


Why you ask? Simple, part of my goal with being a part of this blog is not only to take pictures and videos but to also contribute. I cannot contribute an opinion on something that I am too big to try on. There are many women out there that are smaller and can try a larger variety of clothing but why should I contribute to what I personally feel is a discriminatory line. I want to be able to contribute to women like myself not a size 00. Why should larger people have to wear “unattractive” outfits just because they are bigger?


Why do I not exercise outside of my house? Because I am embarrassed and afraid. I am afraid of being judged and having those companies, people etc. looking at me and saying “Oh my goodness” look at the size of her. I’ve heard this too many times where I am afraid to go out and try something new, I’m afraid to try and play golf because I am afraid of the judgement and the ugly outfits that bigger people are forced to wear. If we can look good maybe we can feel good. People need to stop judging us, bigger or
smaller and just judge us as an individual not a size. I can personally say that I know what it is like on both sides of the fence even though I now hear “you are too fat” I also used to hear “you are too skinny, it looks unhealthy”


Like I said earlier…… Just my opinion.


Until The Next Tee!!

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