ClearSports Announces Limited Release of Its Exclusive Golf Balls

Thanks go out to Al Abrams of J Hamilton PR for providing me this press release and for educating me on ClearSports.

To be totally truthful, I had never heard of ClearSports until the press release below. In case you haven’t heard of this brand this is a very exclusive golf ball. Used by celebrity golfers like like former Chicago Black Hawks great Jeremy Roenick, former Yankees sluggers Paul O’Neill and Tino Martinez and former Green Bay Packer Sterling Sharpe among others. ClearSports boasts that their products are simply… “Precision Redefined”.

ClearSports offers two distinct golf balls that both offer cast urethane covers. First is the Clear Red which is a softer 3-piece golf ball while the Clear Black is a firmer 4-piece offering.

In order for golfers to have access to ClearSports usually they have to undergo an application process. The application is to become a member of ClearSports. In time for the holiday season ClearSports is releasing a limited amount of their golf balls to the public.

I just received the opportunity to test and review these golf balls from ClearSports. I will put Clear golf balls through their paces. Stay tuned for more coverage. In the meantime, for more information please see the press release below.

Celebrity favorite golf brand ClearSports to offer release of limited production, high performance golf balls to the public for the holiday season

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. , November 30, 2018 — ClearSports, the producer of the highly acclaimed Clear golf ball, is pleased to announce a limited release of its golf ball to the public for sale during the holiday season. The Clear golf ball is traditionally offered only to those who have undergone the application process to obtain a ClearSports membership. The decision comes after popular demand for the golf ball to be made available to the public.

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The limited-time holiday product release features a case of six dozen Clear golf balls. ClearSports produces two cast urethane ultra-performance balls: Clear Red, a softer 3-piece golf ball, and Clear Black, a firmer 4-piece golf ball. Cases can be ordered in either Clear Red or Clear Black, or a combination case with three dozen of each ball. Each order will include two ClearSports hats and shipping. The luxury product comes at a price of $475. The six dozen case of golf balls is available for purchase at


About ClearSports


The mission of ClearSports is to create the best performing sports equipment, regardless of price. The ClearSports tagline is “Precision Redefined”, a nod to the brand’s dedication to fine quality and performance technology.


The brand has proven popular among celebrity golfers. Fans of the brand and members of ClearSports include Paul O’Neill, Chris Lane, Jeremy Roenick, Tino Martinez, Ivan Lendl, Rob Riggle, Sterling Sharpe, among many others. Former NHL player, NBC Sports Analyst, and current judge on Golf Channel’s Driver vs. Driver Jeremy Roenick comments on the quality of the ball, “I can’t say enough great things about this ball. It truly is the most advanced ball. The quality is unmatched.” While playing the ClearSports ball in the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship, actor and comedian Rob Riggle stated he plays the ball because “the quality and feel of Clear golf balls are outstanding. I would put Clear golf balls up against any golf ball on the market today. I only play Clear golf balls.”


Garry Singer, founder and CEO of ClearSports states, “The ClearSports commitment to produce the world’s finest golf ball gets no stronger validation than having players who demand the absolute best play our ball.” Singer notes of the ClearSports golf ball, “there are many good quality golf balls available and for the vast majority of golfers those balls are fine. The golfers who use the Clear golf ball are not satisfied with merely good, but desire the very best.”


For more information on ClearSports, visit or follow ClearSports on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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