The Apex Predators in the Golf Foodchain Showing Their Wares (Drivers)

It’s silly season. But silly season is also a time for excitement. Little by little the top golf manufacturers are slowly leaking their latest golf clubs headed out for the 2019 golf season. While I love all equipment (fairway woods, hybrids, irons and wedges) everyone is enamored with drivers. The “big dog”.

Tour Edge Golf was one of the first golf companies to display their latest and greatest in anticipation of the 2019 season. With a very affordable price tag of $299 USD (I’ve been digging for their prices in CAD) the Exotics EXS driver has shown to pack a lot of punch and tech into a fair price point. Great materials and premium golf shafts (a norm for nearly everyone now) headline what the EXS is going to offer golfers. I think that this will be a driver that will be the bonafide sleeper of 2019. I hope golfers find the time to swing it and based on my testing of the Exotics EXS hybrid thus far… look out!!



Srixon Golf was involved in the release party fairly early on as well. Perhaps a little earlier than TEE. Srixon Golf has released two drivers as a part of their Z 85 product range. The Z 585 features a lightweight carbon fiber crown, a new Ti51AF Cup Face that’s said to produce “exceptional ball speed for greater distance”. Sounds intriguing and has a price tag of $399.99 USD. It’s stablemate the Z 785 enters the fray at $499.99 USD. The Z 785 driver is 460cc with a tour preferred look and profile. The Z 785 promotes the low-spin, penetrating trajectory that better players demand off the tee.



Wilson Golf. It’s no surprise to anybody that watches golf or in particular the Golf Channel that their release is the new Cortex driver. The winning design from the reality show “Driver vs Driver 2” was designed by Evan Hoffman. It was fun watching the entire process unfold from the pitches to the prototypes until the announcement of the winning design. I didn’t miss an episode. The design itself looks safe and familiar and according to a sales rep at a local golf store the Cortex has pleasantly surprised. When I first looked at it on the rack and in hand the first thing that I thought was that this is the nicest, most legit design that Wilson Golf has released (as far as a driver goes). While their irons have been fantastic they could almost have the moniker of “proverbial underdog” year-in and year-out. Simply put, their irons have been amazing! Unfortunately, their driver releases (and to a lesser extent hybrids and fairway woods/metals) have lagged well behind in my opinion. After all, what do their Tour Staff play? The Cortex is retailing for $499.99 USD or $569.99 CAD. Hope I get to swing this club in January.



Cobra Golf. A week or so ago I shared a press release about the soon to be launched KING F9 SPEEDBACK driver. Cobra Golf touts the KING F9 SPEEDBACK driver as “the first of its kind to achieve true optimization of aerodynamics combined with a low center of gravity, making it the fastest and longest COBRA driver ever”. Every year (except for the KING F7) I’ve been very impressed with the drivers from Cobra Golf ever since I started my websites (Alexander Toth Golf was the predecessor). I think the KING F9 SPEEDBACK could carry on this trend. With victories worldwide already… the KING F9 SPEEDBACK is already letting it’s presence be known ($449 USD).



Yesterday was sort of a big deal. Well, maybe not in the grand scheme of things as far as life goes but as far as golf industry news. The “apex predators” of the golf industry. The massive marketing machines known as Callaway Golf and TaylorMade Golf (respectively) officially have released sneak peeks of their entries for 2019.

Seen officially on the USGA Conforming clubs list (other images have been leaked previously) Callaway Golf has shown the public the upcoming Callaway Golf Epic Flash. While details aren’t available on pricing or specs I will say this. Making its way back into the design fold is the sliding track seen prior to 2018’s Rogue. The Epic Flash is being offered in (at least) the standard and Sub Zero versions. The sole of the club looks intriguing and I heard from a follower on Twitter last evening that it’s going to be a “sock knocker-offer”. Epic Flash piques my curiosity. I will say this. If they (Callaway Golf R&D) took the control/performance of Rogue and blended that with the acoustics/feel of the Epic they will have themselves a serious driver. I still prefer the Epic over Rogue.



In the meantime, TaylorMade Golf just happened to release a little teaser of their latest entrant into the driver category for 2019. While we don’t know much about this offering here’s what we do know. There’s a saying that originated in golf. “Hit right on the screws”. The saying dates back to persimmon woods and according to my research it was Sam Snead who coined the phrase. In order to protect the wood against repeated impacts with the ball, wooden woods were equipped with face inserts made from many different materials. It goes to show that multi-material construction is not new. To keep the insert in place, some were fastened with ‘screws’ which were located in a small area in the center of the face. Well in the teaser video below released by the marketing team at TaylorMade Golf you’ll notice two red screws on the face (towards the heel and toe). The second thing that we know is that TaylorMade Golf is saying that “Everybody Gets Faster”. Oh how I wish TaylorMade Golf would be in attendance at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show.  Again, I don’t know any specifics at this time as far as price or specs. The first chance that I get to see or swing this golf club… you’ll know.

No doubt there will be others to enter the fray. If all goes well I’ll be swinging them all… or at least the majority and I’ll be giving you my first hand observations of each of them. At the very least. Stay tuned.

Until The Next Tee!!

#FightAndGrind #SeeUOnTheNextTee

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