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Thanks go out to Al Abrams of Abrams Golf Solutions. Without Mr. Abrams this opportunity would never have been made available to me. Thank-you Mr. Abrams.


From range finders to wearable golf GPS technology there are plenty of options to choose from. While the choices are without question more plentiful than ever before goes without saying. But when it comes to overall functionality and the ability to help the average recreational (or professional) golfer improve the choices start to thin out just a little bit. One option that’s available for golf consumers that can help golfers improve is Shot Scope V2.

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Shot Scope was founded in 2014 and has its headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland. From the birth of the brand the intended goal of Shot Scope was to simply help “both amateur and professional golfers collect and analyze statistics from their game”. Shot Scope is comprised of a team consisting of experts from the technology field and golfers including one who was a member of a Walker Cup team. The Walker Cup is a trophy that’s contested between leading amateur golfers from the United States and Great Britain/Ireland. Because of this eclectic group led by their Chief Commercial Officer Gavin Dear, Shot Scope was in a position to develop an exciting product to see their vision become a reality.

The Shot Scope V2 utilizes GPS satellites letting golfers know their exact distance to hazards and greens alike. But with a difference. In the industry, other GPS watches/devices give you distances that might be a little “skewed” depending on your angle into a green. The Shot Scope V2 on the other hand utilizes “Dynamic Yardages”. Through the use of using the highest possible grade GPS chip the Shot Scope V2 will give you accurate readings.. no matter your angle to the target. That means that your club selection will improve thus translating into better proximity to the pin. Speaking of the pin. The Shot Scope V2 also has an interesting feature called “PinCollect Technology”. By using the PinCollect feature you can gain valuable insight to your statistics (remember that this is a performance tracker too!). By simply pressing the PinCollect button on the watch at the end of each hole the PinCollect provides more precise approach, short game (Scrambling) and putting statistics.

Photo Credit: Shot Scope

But the Shot Scope V2 is so much more than that. Just because the end of your day on the course has happened doesn’t mean that the device has fulfilled it’s purpose. Remember, this unit is a performance tracker. When you’re off-course you can review some of the many statistics that the V2 keeps track of and use them to improve your game. For example, are you missing the fairway left most of the time? There’s a reason for it. Maybe you’re casting over the top and pulling the ball left. Missing greens short? Make the adjustment by clubbing up. The Shot Scope V2 identifies your weaknesses and strengths. Helping YOU shoot better scores. More on the performance tracking in just a little bit.

Other quick hits of the Shot Scope V2 include…

  • 28-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • A database of 40,000 golf courses worldwide
  • Unlimited updates
  • NO Subscription and
  • A 1-year limited warranty

When I unboxed the Shot Scope V2 from the shipping box the first thing that I observed was that the product packaging has a real finished look to it. If this product was on the shelf of your local golf retailer you’d notice it. The contrasting red and black visually pops. Open the contents of the box itself you’ll find everything that you need to start using the Shot Scope V2. This includes the GPS Watch which features a sturdy construction and a well-built clasp, 20 lightweight tags, a USB cord (for charging, syncing and updating) and free user accounts for your laptop, Android and/or iOS device. Setting up the Shot Scope V2 itself is quite easy and takes roughly 10-15 minutes depending on your download speeds and computer aptitude.

  1. Go to the Shot Scope website and register an account
  2. Download the app for your device
  3. Tag your clubs
  4. Download your courses
  5. Play golf

When it comes to the tags installing the sensors is easy. The tags simply screw into the end of the grip. I recommend using a little bit of a downward force to get the sensors started as the threads will bite just a little more and remain secure. When you’re tagging your golf clubs the software gives you a list of manufacturers to choose from. While all of the usual suspects are listed there are others that simply aren’t. At different points of the season I used some of my older sticks (independent brands) and these weren’t listed. But for the most part, the majority of manufacturers are there with most models of  the brands golf clubs. Because the Shot Scope V2 comes with 20 sensors there are plenty to go around to use on all of the clubs that are your mainstays and some that might rotate in and out of your golf bag.


When it comes to the on-course use of the Shot Scope V2 there are three different modes. GPS, GPS+Track or PRO mode.

GPS mode provides distances on the watch screen without collecting data, perfect for when you aren’t playing every shot. PRO mode gathers data without showing distances on the screen, making it ideal for competitive play. GPS+Track mode provides on course distances and gathers performance data in the background.

There is one thing about this device that I love. When compared to those similar in the golf marketplace there is no need to tag each club before you swing. Instead, through the use of Shot Scope’s “ClubSense Technology” when you swing, “the watch senses this through communications with the tag and the club used and location are all stored”. All you have to do is play golf. Worried about the watch detecting your practice swings? No need to fret because the V2 automatically dismisses them. With each shot taken it’s posted onto a satellite-view map for post-round analysis. In my experiences, the accuracy of the GPS chip was very good. Distances to the Front, Middle and Back of the greens was precise. But the precision goes a little further. The satellite view was spot-on. It made it easy to visualize each shot when analyzing my rounds afterwards at home.



The performance tracking is very insightful and truly can help golfers lower their scores. There are a ton of performance tracking metrics as mentioned earlier. From tracking your greens in regulation, total putts, fairways hit. approach shots, club distances and more. The data is displayed on charts and graphs which is great… especially if you’re a visual learner. Looking back at my stats the Shot Scope V2 gave me an alarming stat and it really is something to address in my game. A whopping 87% of my putts missed… were short. It’s no wonder why I averaged 28.4 putts per round. I definitely need to address my putting during the winter. There is so much data that gets collected that the potential is there to become numb by it. Especially, if you aren’t a metrics person. With that said, I’d rather have too much data then not enough.



Since the beginning of the testing of this review began there have been several changes. Not only do these changes include updates to firmware that rectified some glitches but also includes new features. New to the Shot Scope V2 since testing began is the Medals feature. With this feature golfers earn Medals for achievements on and off the golf course. Sign Off. This feature ensures that all of your statistics are completely accurate. Rounds uploaded will no longer be automatically included in your performance statistics or able to earn Medals until you have signed them off. Shot Scope improved on the My Bag feature which means if you have a new club in your bag… you can quickly add it. Also, they’ve since added brands that weren’t previously there to the database including New Level Golf. Lastly, in November Shot Scope added the Leaderboard feature. The Leaderboard feature is a that allows golfers more interaction by competing in various competitions with others around the world. These competitions include Driving, Approaches, Short Game, Putting, Scoring and more. I’m looking forward to 2019 and taking part in these features when my golfing officially resumes.



There is an awful lot to like about the Shot Scope V2. The V2 is very high-functioning GPS device. Yardages are accurate and the fact that you have your choice of three modes is great. Battery life has proven to be very good and never let me down mid-round. The performance tracking data is extensive and really does show where you can improve and potentially reduce your handicap. Lastly, instead of “standing pat” on their product Shot Scope has improved on it with updates and adding enhancing features. I love the fact that there is no need to manually tag before each shot. For more information please visit Shot Scope.

Until The Next Tee!!


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