The Newest Innovation in Personalized Golf Scooters

Cheeta Scooters Gives The Option To Sit or Stand


The saying goes… “Cheeta’s never prosper”. Or maybe they do if you’re a golfer looking for a new way around the golf course. Introducing “Cheeta Golf”.

While there are other similar models of golf scooter that you ride while standing up the scooters offered by Cheeta Golf gives golfers the option to sit or stand. With several features like a Quick-Charge LI (Lithium Ion) battery and motorized seat that retracts. Built-in creature comforts like a cooler for beer, wine, drinks and snacks, Bluetooth speakers and a glove compartment for personal items are just some of the features of this scooter. Need a USB charger for your smartphone? Look no further. Cheeta has you covered.

Photo Credit: Cheeta Golf

Also of note is that the Cheeta Golf scooter offers a more mobile solution to golfer’s with those needs. The Cheeta Golf scooter is ADA-friendly, unlike 2-person golf carts, and does not affect any existing exclusive agreements with traditional cart manufacturers.

Photo Credit: Cheeta Golf

With any luck I’ll be able to take a Cheeta Golf scooter for a ride during the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show. Stay tuned.

Until The Next Tee!

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