A putter designed for any golfer. Whether you have a preference for a blade or a mallet the new Huntington Beach SOFT line-up From Cleveland Golf has a putter for you. Speed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT) means that no matter where on the putter face you strike your putt… you will see more consistency when it comes to pace and distance control of your putts. Factor in personalization and an attractive price point ($129.99 MAP) this offering from Cleveland Golf could really help your putting woes.

Thanks to Noelle Zavaleta for sharing this press release. Ms. Zavaleta is the Marketing and Communications Manager for Cleveland Golf. Please see the press release for more details.


HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – Nov. 2, 2018 – Cleveland Golf® is proud to announce the new Huntington Beach SOFT putters, where science and artistry come together for your best putting performance. Get the distance control, soft feel and confidence to sink more putts with the new Huntington Beach SOFT, which officially launches on Friday, Nov. 16, 2018.


“Cleveland Golf putters have always been a great value, but the Huntington Beach SOFT Putter, featuring a speed optimized face and premium finish, takes it to a new level,” said Jeff Brunski, Vice President of Research and Development.

Huntington Beach SOFT_Group Shot[4384]


The hallmark of the new Huntington Beach SOFT putters is Cleveland Golf’s proprietary Speed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT). SOFT helps normalize ball speed across the face of the putter, meaning, no matter where you strike your putt, you get consistent speed and consistent distance.


A unique aspect of these Huntington Beach SOFT putters is a custom face-milling pattern for every head shape. Rather than relying on the same face pattern on every putter shape, Huntington Beach SOFT utilizes a gradual face-milling pattern on higher MOI models, while using a more rapid milling variation on lower MOI models.


“The Huntington Beach SOFT putter’s speed optimized face is one of the most advanced technologies available to improve putting performance,” Brunski said. “You’ll make more putts – plain and simple. The fact we’re delivering it at such an aggressive price point makes this one of the best values in the market.”


Cleveland Golf’s Huntington Beach SOFT putters feature a coarse, diamond-shaped milling pattern to soften the feel at impact while increasing friction for a more consistent roll. Each one is crafted from soft 304 Stainless Steel, delivering a better feel and more confidence on the green.

Diamond CNC Milling. (Photo Credit: Cleveland Golf)


Key Innovations Inside Huntington Beach SOFT:


  • Speed Optimized Face Technology: Provides consistent distance and speed control on every putt, even mishits.
  • Diamond CNC Milling Pattern: Deep grooves provide soft feel with a true roll that starts on-line.
  • Optimized Center of Gravity Location: Strategic weight redistribution provides solid feel and stability for straighter putts.
  • Tour-Proven Shapes: Six tour-proven models will suit any golfer’s stroke and style.


 Featuring classic designs and highly advanced shapes, the new Huntington Beach SOFT putters deliver score-dropping technology in a finely crafted package to help golfers of all skill levels improve their performance on the greens.

Huntington Beach SOFT_Personalized[4383]
Personalization with custom paint fills. (Photo Credit: Cleveland Golf)
Huntington Beach SOFT putters are available for $129.99 MAP with 16 unique color selections and four different color fill areas, providing plenty of personalization options to meet your needs. Color personalization is available on each model for an additional $10.



  1. I have searched quite a little bit as to how to order one of these putters with a customized fill, but to no avail. Please let we customers better know how one can accomplish this task!
    Thank you!!


    1. Hello Troy:

      Thanks so much for visiting my site and of course thanks for your question. I’m currently looking into your question. That said, if you go to and click on the putter that your interested in there should be a tab that says “Customize”. There is a sort of color swatch beside it. Once you select the model you like along with the length and dexterity it’ll “light up” the customise tab. It is here where you select the length, lie, loft adjustment (if needed) and grip. There will also be a “Personalize” tab. This is where you select paint fill etc. Hope this helps a little.



  2. Hi Troy:

    I’m not sure if you tried. But I did confirm my instructions with the Marketing and Communications Manager for Cleveland Golf. The instructions are correct. Happy New Year!!



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