Before writing this review I just want to take the time to give thanks to Joe Wieczorek of The Media Group Inc. Without his help and contact this review would have never happened. Thank-you Mr. Wieczorek.

Accessories and golf. It’s a small piece of the golf industry yet is often overlooked. Would you ever think that something so minor could be worth hundreds of millions per year? When you think about accessories that includes everything from gloves, headcovers, golf tees and everything else in between. This includes belts which both serve as an aesthetic piece to compliment your wardrobe to acting as the training aid that we all have without even realizing it. This is something that I point out to my students… every single one of them.


What happens you take a need and combine it with innovation? Quite simply you have yourself a product like Nexbelt. What’s so unique about Nexbelt? While ratchet belts have been around for an estimated 25 years ago and is very popular in the Asian market the founders at Nexbelt wanted to be the “originators” of ratchet belts in the United States. Being sick and tired of the typical belt that involves holes, a pin and a buckle they seeked out ways to re-design and re-engineer the ratchet belt to be better. One of the ways that Tom Hunsucker and Eddie Rowland (the Co-Founders) made their iteration of the ratchet belt better was to simply incorporate the use of higher quality leather. With finding better sources for higher quality leather they also looked for a way to re-engineer the buckle itself. While they used the pre-existing design of the ratchet belt system they did find a way to improve on the buckle. Instead of the buckle resembling something ordinary and typical it is anything but. While resembling a typical buckle the buckle they ended up developing also saw the addition of a hidden ball marker. This is a design that Rowland and Hunsucker have a patent on.

A look at the “carbon fiber” texture and embossed ‘X”.

Nexbelt is known for their innovation and passion. This is important to note because they design and build their own tools and molds. Nexbelt strives for nothing but the best. By using a system called PreciseFit they allow those that wear their products to be comfortable with minimal adjusting. What is PreciseFit? It’s the ability to adjust your belt in ¼ inch increments. Nexbelt is “100% committed to providing their customers superior customer service and the most innovative and technologically advanced products available.”

Their overall operating procedure company-wide is known as DRIVE. What does it stand for?

Deliver what we Promise with Integrity.

Retain the Human touch

Invest in Good People generously.

Value our Customers Unconditionally.

Embrace Change with Innovation.


The test product. Through my conversations with their marketing firm (The Media Group) I decided on requesting the Fast Eddie Vie belt for my review. My reasons were numerous for selecting this belt with the aesthetics being the first thing. The buckle features a noticeable “X” logo that contrasts with the white strap (my chosen color) giving a fair amount of visual “pop” and adding to that pop is the “carbon fiber’ texture. The overall aesthetics of this belt is stylish, trendy yet pure. The white leather strap with the white stitching looks fresh. Aesthetics aside I also loved the obligatory ball marker. When you look at it there’s a “Putting Thought” which was in my mind very clever. Last but not least the divot tool that also serves as a bottle opener. Just in case you don’t mind dabbling in a bottle of Corona or similar on the course during your round.


When the parcel arrived from Nexbelt I discovered that the packaging was neat and compact as the products are housed in a very nice plastic case. Opening the packaging and uncurling the strap you find a 45” length strap. Of course, not everyone can wear a 45” belt so you need to trim the strap down to size. Worried about cutting it to the right length? Don’t fret… exact measurements are located on the reverse side of the belt. To trim, I used a very sharp pair of household scissors cutting from the reverse side. The result was a very clean cut. However, I did err on the side of a little extra. I’ve been losing weight (over 35 pounds) and wasn’t too sure if I would pack on the pounds again. So I opted to cut it down originally to 36”. Since then I cut it down to just 33”. The belt fits and looks clean. The fit is precise every time so the moniker PreciseFit is definitely well thought out. I love how the increments are only ¼” because the belt is always snug and never sloppy. Quite honestly the belt is fantastic.

However, I do have one concern. The enclosure that houses the divot tool and ball marker. If the guys could improve on one area of this design for a next generation of the Fast Eddie Vie it’s the enclosure. I had one annoyance with this product and this was it. All too often the enclosure would flop open on its own. One more than one occasion I lost the divot tool (I recovered it) and several times I lost the ball marker. On two occasions in my closet and the final time I lost the ball marker was on the course. I really would love to see some form of a stronger magnet for the ball marker or an improvement on the enclosure. Is this a deal breaker? In no way shape or form is it meant to detract from the overall product. It’s merely a suggestion.

The author wearing the Nexbelt Fast Eddie Vie.

To conclude, the Nexbelt is full of pros with no real cons to speak of. It’s stylish and uber-functional. If you cut your belt too short there are replacement straps that you can purchase. Or if you need some extra options in your belt arsenal you can purchase them for that as well. The MSRP of the Fast Eddie Vie is $64.99 USD. There is no doubt in my mind why PGA TOUR members Kevin Na, William McGirt wears Nexbelt while on the LPGA TOUR Amy Olson and Austin Ernst wear them. Not to mention 2018 Ryder Cup Captain Jim Furyk (U.S.A.) as well. It’s a great product and one that I would gladly wear each time out. For more information on ‘The Belt With No Holes” please head over to

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