Down But Not Out – Update

So how about that Tiger Woods?! Love him or loathe him he’s back!! I don’t care who you are it’s always nice to see a comeback

So here I am. Just giving a small update. The last time that I talked to everyone I was in a hospital bed in Niagara Falls. Stroke suspected. They couldn’t find anything which was odd considering the state that I was/am currently in. I was told that I’d be getting discharged. Happy to be going home the doctor came back in to inform me that they found something onothe final MRI. A cyst on the spine that needed emergency surgery. So I was transferred to Hamilton General Hospital. So having arrived at the hosting was wheeled to the Spinal Surgery floor where the surgeon came to see me. He evaluated me and said that “something’s not matching here”. He felt that as “massive and substantial” the cyst was it explained only half of the story. So he turned me over to a Neurology team.

It’s now Monday and I’m on the Stroke Unit. I’ve just had another MRI and imIback in my room resting. I’m on my way to recovery. I’ve seen progress daily in getting my strength back and use of my left leg and arms. Don’t know how long it’ll take but like Tiger I’ll be back. Always remember #fightandgrind.

Until The Next Tee!!


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