PGA Tour Players Finish in Top 10 using Zero Friction golf tees;
plus Commemorative tees supplied for the 100th PGA Championship


OAK BROOK TERRACE, IL (August 9, 2018) – It’s been a highly successful couple of weeks on the professional golf tours for Zero Friction, maker of high-quality, technologically advanced products for golfers worldwide.  Several PGA Tour Champions players are using the Zero Friction tees, and the growing company is supplying commemorative tees for this week’s 100th PGA Championship.

Zero Friction had 2 top 10 finishes last week at the 3M Championship at TPC Twin Cities in Blaine, MN. For the past several weeks, more than a dozen PGA Tour Champions players are using Zero Friction ZFT Maxx 3 Prong Tees and Zero Friction ZFT Hybrid 1 ¾” Tees.

The ZFT Maxx Tees are extra-large and extra durable to make it easier and faster to set the ball on, and the short Hybrid tees set up at the perfect height for irons, hybrids, and driving irons.

Zero Friction also supplied commemorative ZFT Maxx 3 Prong Tees for the 100th PGA Championship this week. The tees include the official 100th PGA Championship logo, and will be made available to the tour players playing in this historic championship.

ZFT Maxx 3 prong tees offer the same great design, distance and performance as the original 3 and 4-prong tees, with 66% reduced contact area for less resistance and more distance.


“Our multi-prong performance tees are what the company was founded on, and it is exciting to see tour players benefit from the performance of our tees in competition again,” said John Iacono, founder and President of Zero Friction.

Two years ago Zero Friction launched a true breakthrough product, the GPS DistancePro™ glove, which comes with a lightweight GPS device on the flap, providing accurate distances for over 35,000 golf courses worldwide.


This year the company introduced two new products that received rave reviews at the PGA Merchandise Show. The Cabretta Elite golf glove is an upgrade to the original Cabretta glove released three years ago. The Cabretta leather provides a solid grip in any weather. The reinforced Lycra throughout fingers, back of hand and palm allow for maximum strength, durability, and enhanced breathability.

Also new are the Spectra™ matte finish golf balls. Matte finish golf balls are the hottest product in golf right now, as they are easier to see in the air and on the ground, so they speed up play and prevent lost balls. Plus, the bright colors make the game more fun.


Spectra matte finish golf balls are also available in blister packs with performance tees, and Supertubes™ that include 10 performance tees, a Performance compression glove, and 3 Spectra matte finish golf balls – everything you need to play golf today for $24.99.

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