GolfLogix Introduces Putt Breaks

GolfLogix wants you to “Play Smarter”. No, that doesn’t mean that the world leader in golf GPS technology wants you to carry around a protractor or compass. Besides that’s illegal right Bryson?

Founded in 1999, GolfLogix was the first company to introduce hand-held GPS technology to golfers. GolfLogix boasts not only to have been mapping courses since 1999 but also claims to have the largest most up to date courses in the world. Moreover, the millions of GolfLogix members worldwide have verified the courses (Hmmm… I wonder if they have my course and a few others in the area).

Photo Credit: GolfLogix Media Kit

Did you know that GolfLogix has provided an app for smart phones since 2009? This coming off of the heels of having a developed software co-branded with Garmin. Of course, as we know Garmin is one of the leaders in GPS technology. Eventually everything culminated into having a 30 minute infomercial featuring the like of on-air golf commentators Gary McCord and Peter Kostis.

GolfLogix has been groundbreaking and innovative so what could the brain trust in Scottsdale, Arizona come up with next? Introducing “Putt Breaks”. What is Putt Breaks? Let’s take a look shall we? What do you get when you take the breakthrough of 3D mapping and combine that with the knowledge found in yardage books? Well, quite simply you get Putt Breaks. Please see the introductory video below.


Looking at the video one thing quickly comes to mind. It’s great knowing the contour of the green but if you don’t have the right line and speed… putts won’t drop. However, knowing where the contours are for your approach shots could be a real asset.

Summary of what Putt Breaks does…

• Read your putt in a matter of seconds with one-touch putt reading
• Navigate the course with vivid 3D maps that intelligently adjust
• Maps auto-orient based on the user’s position
• Zoom and pan to see the green map from every angle
• Draw a line from the ball to the cup, then see how your putt will break

Some pretty cool things listed in the summary in particular the auto-orientation capabilities of the app. GolfLogix is offering a free 30 Day Trial to give Putt Breaks a look-see. So, I will be taking it upon myself to test this app. Could it be time-consuming drawing a line? How about battery drain? Who knows? Either way it still beats a protractor and/or compass.

Photo Credit: GolfLogix Media Kit

Until The Next Tee!!


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