Day: February 13, 2018


For some time now there’s been a debate about “what’s wrong with the golf industry”? So much in fact that while I was at the PGA Show the PGA of America held a panel of “who’s who” to discuss where the problem lies. A recent comment made by Lee McCoy I will not discuss much at this time but I will say this. Lee … Read More #GolfOatmealSucks

New Product – GolfJet

E-commerce. It doesn’t matter what the industry is whether it’s golf specific, dog treats make-up or apparel e-commerce is here to stay. Technology is a wonderful thing because even during the holiday season we don’t even need to leave our house to purchase the right present for the right person. Our shopping expeditions can be handled with an internet connection, a smart device and … Read More New Product – GolfJet

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