For some time now there’s been a debate about “what’s wrong with the golf industry”? So much in fact that while I was at the PGA Show the PGA of America held a panel of “who’s who” to discuss where the problem lies. A recent comment made by Lee McCoy I will not discuss much at this time but I will say this. Lee remember one thing young man. Karma is a bitch and it’ll bite your ass one day. Your approach with those young fans was beyond reproach. (If you aren’t wanting to read… please see the video that I recorded at the bottom of this post.)

I sat there listening in just for a little bit and they tossed around a variety of theories. All of them coming close to saying it but never wanting to “jump on the grenade”. I was hoping that someone… anyone would have the “testicular fortitude” (see balls) to say it. Nobody did. Here’s the problem. It’s the “old boys network” themselves.

Is the issue directly associated with the PGA of America? No but it’s the older generation of golfers that presents the issue. It’s these antiquated dinosaurs that still play the game whom are so stuck in their old, miserable ways. Never really open to change or accepting any sort of notion of change. Just think about it for a second. Let the stereotyped image of Caddyshack’s Bushwood Country Club sink into your mind for a minute. That clean, sterile, posh country club lifestyle. It was one of these types of places that kept me away from playing the game in the first place decades ago. I was interested in playing the game but one day while riding my bicycle home from the beach flying out of the driveway at a course came a car. Minding my own business I was ejected off of my mountain bike and ended up in a ditch. He slurred after getting out of his car “Fucking stupid kid… what are you doing?”. He was some kind of drunk and reeked like a brewery. Irony would prevail years later as I was the Director of Golf of that course in 2016 and to this day I swear he was one of my member’s. Ultimately, that course was mired in the ways of 1985 and when I approached someone on the board about new ideas… basic things like “Twilight Rates” or “Course Rangers” it was met with a simple “we’ve never done that before” mindset.

Travis Mathew booth set-up at the 2018 PGA Show.


Why is golf like that? Why is the industry so stuck in their old, stale ways? Golf oatmeal!!  Golf oatmeal is simply the fact that people tend to walk, talk, teach, swing, and doing everything golf in the same old beleaguered manner. A world where everything is bland, looks the same, is flavourless and is slowly bubbling away eventually sticking to the bottom of the pot. The majority of the industry is not willing to accept new ideas or fresh ideas. New approaches are met with so much skepticism and cynicism that it melts the mind. Whether it’s equipment, instruction, apparel or ways to get people to participate in the game and show up at golf courses worldwide. The game isn’t dying but without an influx of new blood it will die a slow painful death.

So many older golfers point at millenials because well… they have a label of being a spoiled, no good, “I want it now” generation. I thought this way until recently but then I had an epiphany of sorts. Don’t these “old boys” realize that they too were once young bucks and that one day the younger generation will inherit the Earth. It’s this younger generation that IS going to save the game. How? Because of the ideas now will move forward because eventually the old dinosaurs become fossils. In other words… they’ll die.


The game needs more fun. The LPGA has nearly an entire roster that gets it… they really do but the support that they receive from the average golf observer (fan) isn’t what it should be. On the PGA Tour guys like Rickie, Jordan, Justin et al understand. These guys are tremendous for the sport. The game needs brands like Travis Mathew to be bold and fresh. They were always a golf brand first and a lifestyle-brand second. Their booth is to the PGA Show what “Al Czervik” was to “Judge Smails”. They’re all about fun! A brand like Chippo is a fresh approach to an old game. Great in the backyard, the beach or a tailgate situation Chippo still puts a golf club into someone’s hands. Brands like Loudmouth Golf, are important because not everyone wants to wear khakis. People like to express themselves. I do and the best thing that I ever did was walk into the Travis Mathew booth 2 years ago. Vertical Groove Golf brought a new approach to golf club design. I could go on… but I won’t.  I made a video to support this article.

I have a secondary mission. Not only is Until The Next Tee about educating golfers on the latest in the golf industry. I’m also here to add some flavor to a world full of bland oatmeal. No longer should this game look, sound and feel the same.

Until The Next Tee!!


E-commerce. It doesn’t matter what the industry is whether it’s golf specific, dog treats make-up or apparel e-commerce is here to stay. Technology is a wonderful thing because even during the holiday season we don’t even need to leave our house to purchase the right present for the right person. Our shopping expeditions can be handled with an internet connection, a smart device and a few clicks. Wait a day or two and lo and behold there’s your bounty waiting at the door.

GolfJet is one of those companies. Based in Australia the company has a mission. To give every golfer the opportunity to feel like a Tour Pro. The brand has a range of golf balls that feature multi-layer construction and simple “easy to forget’ accessories like gloves, tees and towels. While you are involved in a membership situation you aren’t locked in with monthly fees every month whether you want them or don’t. so the flexibility of this service is nice.

While I can’t comment on the quality of their products (nor will I ever endorse something that I haven’t tried) some of what I read in the press release below as shared by Mary Beth Lacy Inc. sounds intriguing enough. A rewards program for playing golf. and detailed maps as sent by their app are a couple of neat “bells and whistles” that could make this subscription service intriguing enough to try.

For more information please see the press release as shared below.



 A pro golfer strides onto the first tee with a bag full of brand new, premium, tour grade products from their sponsor. The latest golf ball technology, tees, marker; even a brand new glove. They didn’t even visit the pro shop. They didn’t have to decide between the gear they can afford or the premium tour gear they really wanted. And what’s more, they have a detailed knowledge of the course ahead. That’s the play like a pro experience.

GolfJet, a new Australian company, gives their customers this same sponsored feeling – to be a GolfJet is to Play Like a Pro.

Becoming a GolfJet starts with 1 simple decision. Do you want us to manage your Tour gear for you, or do you want to manage it yourself? In other words, a monthly membership subscription, or purchase as you need. Then download the GolfJet Connect App, and you’re ready to play like a pro.

Membership has its benefits. Firstly, a GolfJet membership subscription is super flexible – and no lock in. Pause anytime, switch between products and flex up or down as you need. Want multiple deliveries per month – not a problem. Want to take 3 months off – simple. Secondly, you’ll only pay a fraction of the price others charge; and you don’t have to buy in bulk. With your GolfJet Connect App, you’ll earn JET rewards as you play, which can be redeemed for free product. Start your own tour, refer friends, achieve honors and lower your handicap. Upgrade your status to platinum, and GolfJet will send you free product for 1 year. Now that sounds like your own personal sponsor!

Want to purchase as you go? GolfJet understand not everybody will want to jump into a membership straight away. Or perhaps you only play a few times per year- but when you do, you want to be sure to Play Like a Pro! GolfJet offer a variety of ways to purchase their products whenever or wherever you want. They also make the perfect gift thanks to the premium design.


Where to Buy GolfJet

Shop GolfJet Products: Customers can shop on Amazon, eBay or the GolfJet website

GolfJet Membership sign-up: Exclusively at

Company Philosophy

Professional golfers begin each round with a set of new premium golf balls, a fresh cabretta leather glove, and detailed knowledge about the course ahead of them. At GolfJet, we help all our customers share this same experience – to Play Like a Pro. We want GolfJet customers to feel as if we are their personal sponsor. Our products will help take your game to the next level, and we can deliver your gear to wherever and whenever you need – worldwide. Meanwhile, the GolfJet Connect smart phone app will immerse you into the golf experience with personalized numbers and data. Think of it as your personal digital caddy; and it even connects all your friends into your own personalized tour.

Our Products 

GolfJet deliberately doesn’t sell a wide range of products, but instead offers only tour-level goods that let customers play like pros. And at fraction of the price of others.


Premium JET Series golf balls are available in 3- or 4-piece construction. All JET Series golf balls have a low drag 338 hex-aerodynamic dimple pattern cast from a proprietary urethane co-polymer cover. JET3 (R & A approved) and JET4 (pending R & A approval) models for 2018 yield high approach spin and the softest feel. The JET3 power core suits a high swing speed, generating a lower launch angle for a powerful flat drive trajectory. The JET4 is tuned to a wider range of swing speeds, producing a higher launch angle and longer carry. Each model undergoes at least nine manufacturing and testing processes before it’s released for sale. In fact, a single ball takes up to four days to manufacture – before being weighed, measured and hand-packed. This meticulous approach ensures you a personalized experience of quality, precision and performance.

Our premium AirGrip cabretta leather gloves are constructed with top-quality cabretta leather – for optimum feel, softness and durability. They’re thin, comfortable and offer excellent gripping. A tour-level glove would typically set you back at least $30. Wearing a new one every round may sound like an indulgence, but following our mission to help you play like a pro without compromise, every GolfJet JetPack includes a complimentary glove. Imagine, a new glove every time you get balls. Now you’re starting to feel like a GolfJet, especially when you see its large silicone strap, finger perforations, engineered seam placement, and butter-soft leather.


Then there are tees — not those cheap wooden pegs. A new pack of our sleek Blade tees are also included in every JetPack. Designed to be virtually unbreakable, these strong tees sport a rubber jacket to ensure your expensive woods are protected. The Blade tee has a clever depth marker in the way of the text on the blade, letting you consistently tee it up to the same depth on every hole.

GolfJet also sells its own premium six-panel wool blend Pro cap with flex-fit design and anti-reflective bill that reduces glare. It looks and feels great, and has optimal ventilation. Its advanced stretch sweatband keeps you dry and comfortable during the hottest rounds.

Finally, the GolfJet microfiber weave towel cleans your clubs of all dirt and moisture, leaving them clean and dry. It includes an aluminum carabiner, to conveniently hang off your bag.

GolfJet Connect

Your personal caddy, this smartphone app builds a bridge between your equipment and game – and rewards you just for playing. Seamlessly connected to the GolfJet store, it empowers you to improve your game and your golfing experiences with other members. It boasts an impressive suite of functions. You can track and share your rounds and your friends’, with detailed statistics, photos, scoreboards, leaderboards, social media feeds and more. It even reminds you how you last played a hole, as you step up to the tee. It features detailed maps via GPS of 30,000+ courses worldwide. And it lets you earn rewards points that can be redeemed for products and elevated JET status. Become a Platinum member and they will sponsor you for a year – that is free product all year long!



GolfJet ( simply marries the benefits of using tour-quality products with modern technology, to create a seamless truly special experience through e-commerce. It’s a natural evolution for the golf industry: disruptive but with a genuine consumer value proposition. GolfJet is convenient, making life easier for golfers and tailoring to their schedule. And with online reviews, millions of like-minded golfers offer their opinion. GolfJet is a nirvana for premium-minded golfers: Top-quality products at affordable prices delivered directly to you at a pace and volume that you dictate.

Until The Next Tee!!