TaylorMade Golf Company Announces new Project (a)™ & Project (s) Golf Balls™

I was fortunate enough to receive a sample or two of the TaylorMade Golf Project (s) and Project (a) golf balls listed in this press release. As a result of my good fortune and timing being in Florida post-PGA Show I’ve had the time to do some testing and form an opinion of their new golf balls. Special thanks go out to Director R&D Golf Balls for TaylorMade Golf Eric Loper for hooking me up with the samples of said golf balls.


In advance of my review (which will be coming out in the very near future) I have shared this press release introducing the new golf balls to the golfing public.

Thanks go out to Nick Obritsch (Marketing Manager TaylorMade Golf Canada) for sharing the press release with me as well.

Carlsbad, Calif. (January 29, 2018) – TaylorMade Golf Company, an industry leader in golf innovation and technology and makers of the only 5-Layer Tour ball with the TP5 & TP5x models, announced today the expansion of its globally successful golf ball lineup with the addition of the 2018 Project (a) and the introduction of the all-new Project (s) golf balls.

270720-Project (a)_12Ball_Lid-Ball-c9ded4-large-1517195163.png

Project (a)

Tour Technology. Soft Feel.


Since its inception in 2014, the Project (a) golf ball has been designed to deliver golfers Tour-level performance in a three-piece construction at an attractive price point. In 2014 the original Project (a) gained notoriety by being designed to provide Tour-level spin for the average golfer, a performance attribute unmatched by anything in the category at the time and still to this day. Project (a) is the only major OEM ball outside of the Tour ball category using Cast Urethane; the #1 cover material used on Tour and the gold standard in performance. In 2016, the ball was made softer with lower compression while maintaining the greenside spin demanded by consumers. In 2018, Project (a) takes the next step in its evolution with new technologies that take the highest-performing non-Tour product significantly longer than ever before.


270713-Project (a)_3_4_Ball-6f13c3-large-1517195014

“100% of worldwide Tours use a golf ball with a Urethane cover, while 0% use suryln. If every Tour player and Tour ball manufacturer in the world is telling you urethane is the best material, why wouldn’t you buy the only product outside the Tour ball category using this technology that’s now longer than ever before?”

Michael Fox, Category Director, Golf Balls & Accessories

The new Project (a) is a three-layer design that incorporates a new Dual-Distance core and a new 322LDP seamless dimple pattern which combined increase driver and long iron distance while maintaining excellent greenside control and feel.

New 322 Dimple Seamless Cover

The Project (a) now uses the same 322 dimple pattern as the hottest Tour ball in golf, the TP5 & TP5x golf balls; resulting in superior distance through a more aerodynamic dimple pattern. Less drag = more speed = more distance.

Dual-Distance Core

The new Project (a)’s dual core design is comprised of a larger, softer-inner core, which scrubs off unwanted spin while providing great feel. The stiffer outer core allows for increased rebound and velocity. In addition to reducing driver and long iron spin, the stiffer outer core also aides in pinching the soft cast urethane cover between the clubface, creating more greenside spin.


270705-Project (s)_12Ball_Lid_Ball-cf6ad6-large-1517194999

Project (s)™

Soft is Slow without Speed

 Complementing the Project (a), TaylorMade is also introducing the all-new Project (s) golf ball. The all-new Project (s) offers an even softer feel while continuing the company’s focus on low driver spin and significant driver distance; a golf ball unlike any in the competitive class to date. To break through in a crowded and diluted space, TaylorMade has designed one golf ball that delivers on the two performance attributes amateur players in this category want most: soft feel AND distance. No longer does the golfer have to choose between one or the other with a single ball. That ball is Project (s).

270698-Project (s) Matte Yellow_3_4_Ball-4cedbe-large-1517194977

Dual-Distance Core

Similar to the Project (a) the Dual-Distance Core in the Project (s) decreases the overall compression of the ball for soft feel while maintaining rebound and speed. The Project (s)’s compression is 60, 10 less than the Project (a). The dual distance core is a two-layer system that has a large, low compression inner core that reduces unwanted driver spin and creates great feel. The outer core consists of a softer-resilient polymer that also improves feel and maintains high ball velocities.


Aerodynamic Ionomer Cover

Due to the high COR of the Dual-Distance Core, engineers were able to use a soft ionomer cover that improves feel and control around the green. Compared to the competitive set, the Project (s) has the softest cover which provides more greenside spin and soft feel.


The Project (s) uses TaylorMade’s high lift 342LDP dimple pattern, which, in combination with the lower backspin construction, reduces drag throughout the golf ball’s flight for more distance. In general, lower compression golf balls travel the shortest distance, but with Project (s), TaylorMade’s engineers have solved for soft while maintaining impressive distance. The result is a golf ball that delivers on both distance and feel, allowing for golfers to no longer having to choose between one over the other. In addition to gloss white, the new Project (s) is also available in a matte yellow & matte orange finish that offers a unique look that stands out while being UV resistant.

 “The new multilayer design incorporates a softer yet resilient dual distance core that maximizes distance and enables us to utilize a softer ionomer cover for soft feel and great control. We are eliminating the need for a golfer to choose between distance and feel in this category. The new Project (s) provides both softer feel AND distance.”

Eric Loper, Director R&D Golf Balls

Pricing & Availability

The 2018 Project (a) & Project (s) golf balls will be available at retail on February 16 and April 1 at an MSRP of $44.99 & $29.99 CAD per dozen, respectively. Project (a) will be offered in gloss white or yellow, while Project (s) will be offered in gloss white as well as matte orange or matte yellow.

Until The Next Tee!!

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