2018 PGA Merchandise Show – Day Two

After a very fruitful and productive first day of the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show I wondered how productive Day Two would be. Time for a little disclaimer. More in-depth articles on all of the products mentioned here will be written down the road. Of course, there are products not mentioned as well that will be featured.

The second day of the PGA Show proved to be even better than the first and for so many reasons. There were products that I tried for the first time that might be proved to be a game-changer for those in pain. Miracle Nutritional Products offers a variety of products that are made from Hemp and its natural substance CBD. CBD for those that don’t know is Cannabidiol. Where THC (hemp/marijuana’s bigger sister) gets you high CBD is great for relieving anxiety and is an anti-inflammatory. The show can wear you down because the place is immense and the body wears down. I tried some of their topical ointment on my wrist… it really seemed to alleviate the discomfort. I’m going to be looking into this products further.

Who knew that men’s undergarments were a $50M industry? I never had a clue yet it makes so much sense on so many levels. Like women… men need support as well just in the southern hemisphere. Raise your hands if you ever saw a gentleman with a background in the automotive industry  turn to undergarments? I sure as heck wouldn’t see it coming. Well this is exactly what happened when UFM (Underwear For Men) was created. Offered in different lengths and briefs UFM supports the testicles in a pouch securing them in place. I was given a couple of pairs to field test and as I sit here in the PGA Show Media Center the field testing has begun.


The FlightScope mevo. I attended the FlightScope mevo booth and what a gizmo that is. I’ve reported on it before but just in press release form. A fully functional launch monitor that is accurate to within 2 yards at 250 yards out that fits into the palm of your hand. It’s crazy and what’s crazier is the affordability of the product. At $499 (less than a driver) you can have the solution to your winter practice indoors or elsewhere literally in the palm of your hands. I am looking forward to having a relationship with Tyler and the great folks from FlighScope mevo.


Dormie Headcovers. Alright… it’s time to wave my Canadian flag. I love when a Canadian company comes along, offers truly unique products and take the golf industry by storm. I never got to their booth last year here at the show but this year I never failed. The Clan Bishop (Phil, Todd and Jeff) are terrific guys and I love their products.

ArGolf Putters. A newer addition to the golf industry ArGolf makes quality putters. Their story is as unique as the names associated with their product range. Names like Pendragon, Merlin, Arthur and more. There’s a reason for the names of their putter line. The foundry sits very close to the legendary Camelot. ArGolf already is a proven winner as Kenny Perry won the 2017 U.S. Senior Open while playing it. It’s very understandable too. In my brief time rolling it… putts fall. The line is fully customizable as you can pick everything including the color of the putter and shaft.


These are just a couple of quick hits but it was a great day!!!

Until The Next Tee!!

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