New Product – Flux Putters

One of the really fun aspects of the PGA Merchandise show is that we in the media and industry have the unique opportunity to see all of the new products coming out. Moreover, it’s really fun to see products that you’ve personally never seen nor heard of before.

These putters by Flux Golf are very much the case. Flux Golf has developed putters backed by 10 years of research and development. Their Seattle-based company has invested much time into materials and the science of putting. Their focus is to make putters with the most consistent roll possible. While another goal is to make an impact with not only golfers playing professionally but also with the recreational golfer.


I’m looking very forward to learning more about the science of this company and their products. Below is a press release shared via Joe Wieczorek of The Media Group.

(SEATTLE, WA) – FLUX, a golf design studio and proven innovator in face insert technology,breaks a long-standing performance barrier in 2018 with DARtech. The patent-pending andUSGA-conforming putter face geometry produces positive RPM (topspin) instantly upon striking. In other words, FLUX offers performance through tech, not technique.

Imparting forward roll at a positive-degree launch angle seems simple enough, yet throughout the history of golf this goal has proven elusive. Through a combination of advanced material science and 10 years of R&D in face design, FLUX has cracked the code with the DARtech (Directional Angular Rotation) insert, a progressively angled face pattern offered in stainless steel and polymer. This disruptive innovation is featured in FLUX’s 2018 UNITY putter line.


Photo Credit: Flux Golf

Traditionally, pro golfers and low handicap players have overcome the natural tendency for the ball to spin backwards off the club face with stroke styles that change the attack angle of the club. DARtech now offers the ability for all players to experience the same benefits of overspin combined with launch angle consistency without having to change their stroke.
Lead Design Engineer J.A. Bergquist has made The Quest for the Perfect Roll his mantra for over a decade, and his over 40 production putter designs have borne results with wins on the PGA, LPGA, Champions and Web.Com tours. “With FLUX, I feel like this journey to create consistent roll in a golf ball has come to its nexus,” states Bergquist. “Years of innovation have led to this point: the most balanced and consistent putter we have ever brought to life, and at the PGA Show, you can feel this synergy for yourself.”


Photo Credit: Flux Golf

Visit FLUX GOLF at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show in Booth #920 or at

Until The Next Tee!

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