To Tuck Or Not To Tuck

Golf fashion as really changed over the years as we know. Tweed jackets, cotton polos, pique polos and on it goes. Last year, Puma Golf revealed “joggers” to the golf industry and the golf world was in shock when Rickie Fowler wore them on Tour. It was a different look. Bold and on the edge which is why I sort of liked them. Now as far as the footwear needed to pull off such a look your classic saddle shoes need not apply which is why the high cuts that he wore were the perfect exclamation mark on the look.


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As the 2018 PGA Tour season kicked off yesterday in Maui at the Sentry Tournament of Champions. Maui… while I’ve never been there several things come to mind. Tropical vegetation, volcanoes, surfing, sea turtles and Hawaiian shirts. Well Puma Golf and Rickie were at it again testing the waters and stretching the limits of the golf community and golf fashion. Rickie looked very casual out there waltzing around The Plantation Course with his Hawaiian shirt untucked (as they’re supposed to be). The products that he was wearing was part of the new Aloha Collection by Puma Golf.


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Initially, my thoughts were “Damn, I don’t like that it’s so sloppy looking”. As I sit and reflect on my knee-jerk reaction it was like having an itchy trigger finger. I was so quick to pass judgement without thinking about it. I didn’t like it and thought that it was out of place in a place (on Tour) where the product is always so “spit-polished”. Neat and tidy! But then I thought Hawaii and golf is supposed to be a game of leisure. One that is casual, laid-back and relaxing. Essentially, everything that I picture Hawaii to be in my mind.  Why shouldn’t he be able to wear his shirt untucked? Moreover, just because I’ve been schooled to wear trousers doesn’t mean that it’s the only and right way to approach things.


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Heck, there was a time before this past season where I wouldn’t even practice without wearing “proper” golf attire. The reason was as stupid as it was superstitious. I had a bad session or two and blamed it on not feeling like a golfer. It changed last year and I practiced in t-shirts and shorts and liked the comfort of the very casual look.


Is tucked right or wrong? Honestly, who cares?! If it means the difference between an individual going golfing or not… let them untuck and enjoy the game. The game to draw more golfers has to stop being so “spit-polished” and uppity. A stigma that has hurt the game for decades. If it means having more Hawaiian shorts or otherwise out on golf courses then so be it. Tuck or untuck? Choose to do what you choose. No matter what there’ll always be skeptics because opinions are like farts… everyone has one.

Until The Next Tee!


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