Happy New Year – 2018

Initially, my original thoughts were to wait until tomorrow to say Happy New Year to all of my readers. But then it dawned on me that in some parts of the world it already is 2018. Sooo… Without further delay Happy New Year!!!


As I reflect on 2017 and my website I have so much to be grateful for. Firstly there are the manufacturers that have taken a chance to give me the opportunity to test and review their products. Srixon Golf, Cleveland Golf, VICE Golf, Lateral Line Putters, OnCore Golf, TPT Golf, Loudmouth Golf, Rosemark Golf, Swing Wizzard, Skechers Golf and so many other great companies both big and small. Companies that have also given me their time during hectic and chaotic times for an interview. Dave Neville (Callaway Golf), Brian Bassel and Tomo Bystedt (TaylorMade Golf), Noelle Zavaleta (Cleveland/Srixon Golf) and Laurent Sirois (Skechers) are just a few who quickly come to mind. All gave me some time at the 2017 PGA Show and I appreciated every second of it. Marketing company representatives like Mary Beth Lacy, Holly Geoghegan and her former assistant Irlianna Samsara who also provided me with review opportunities and press releases. Thank-you!!


Most importantly, I have to thank all of you. My readers! My reach was worldwide and saw readers from countries all over this great world of ours. Readers from the United States were my biggest supporters in numbers but seeing readers chiming in from Canada, Great Britain, South Korea, China, Australia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and countless others. Readers from countries like Gibraltar and Brunei… You educated me! Because I have to admit that I never knew that your respective countries existed. Everyone one of you have proven that Until The Next Tee is in fact worldwide. Last January, I took a chance with a re-brand and it really has turned out to be a terrific gamble.


I look forward to 2018 both personally and from a website standpoint. I really hope on returning to playing competitive golf in some capacity. Maybe not in a true health standpoint but as far as playing condition I’ve never felt this strong or fit since I started playing golf. My website.. well I just want it to grown and further my reach and grow my audience. Improve my website as best as I can. No matter what I can guarantee that I’ll continue to be whom I am and what I’ve been. Genuine, unbiased, proud, honest and sincere in every thing that I write and share.

Happy New Year everyone. Please be safe and responsible if you drink… please don’t drive! May all of you have a happy, safe and healthy 2018. #SeeUOnTheNextTee

Until The Next Tee!!


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