Christmas and the Holiday Season

‘Twas the night before Christmas,

and all through the course.

Not a creature was stirring,

not even in the gorse.gorse

The golf clubs were hanging with such tender and care.

With hopes that The Masters was coming with some spring air.

The golfers were nestled, away in their beds.

While visions of birdies and eagles danced through their heads.

Clad in my CHASE 54 and TRUE Linkswear,

There was a chance that when it came to trick shots

I too might even care.

When out on the course came such a flurry of thwackin’,c54

I had soon realized it was all about Jack’s action.

Then suddenly he appeared all grey-haired and smiling,

It was Arnie himself  with eight mighty golfers,

All famous and many a champion.

He called out their names,

On Justin, On Jordan, On Rory and Dustin.

On Rosie, On Lexi, On Rickie and Brookie.

Off to the tee they went to swing, swing away

Every one of them no less hitting the fairway.rosey

Pounding their drives out of sight.

Then I heard Arnie say to all 

Happy Christmas and good night.


To my dear readers. May all of you stay safe and enjoy your time with you loved ones. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!








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