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In the amount of time that I’ve had a blog whether it was my old one or this new endeavor some of my subjects have come from surprising places. Today’s subject is one of those cases. Who would have thought that attending Practice Round Tuesday at the RBC Canadian Open would have offered such an opportunity.

When you attend the RBC Canadian Open at Glen Abbey in Oakville, Ontario shuttle buses transports the spectators to and from the various parking lots. As you enter the grounds there are all kinds of booths that are mostly corporate. However intertwined amongst them was a booth from FootJoy Canada. Even though I never bothered to stop on the way in to the event (I was hoping to see and maybe meet Mr. Jack Nicklaus) the booth really got my attention on the way out.


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FootJoy in general is a booth that I rarely attend while at the PGA Show in Orlando because of how busy their booth is while at the show. This opportunity was perfect as it was practically empty so looking at the products was a breeze. I took in all of the new shoes from the 2017 range and I was very intrigued by two models. First there was the sleek, athletic looking D.N.A. Helix and then there was the ContourFIT (which for the record are more present than “old man styled). As I continued to browse I was approached by Senior Product Specialist for Acushnet Canada Darquise Leduc. After talking for a while with Ms. Leduc I explained to her that I did not trust FootJoy footwear after developing a pressure wound while wearing FootJoy a few years ago at the PGA Show. So she asked me about sizing and if I’ve ever been through their Performance Fitting System. I hadn’t.

Proper fitting isn’t exclusively for golf clubs as i was quick to find out. According to research “over 70% of golfers wear the wrong size of shoe”. Also according to the same research there is a 21% increase in performance when you wear the proper size of shoe”. For those with conditions of the foot like Diabetic Neuropathy (talking from experience) proper fitting shoes is a complete necessity. Before this chance opportunity I honestly had no idea that this sort of fitting for golf shoes existed. As I sat in a chair in the booth Ms. Leduc explained to me the science of the foot and where a shoe should fit in relation to the bones of the feet in particular the Metatarsal Bone. As we talked about the shoes further my foot was placed into a Brannock Device (the thing that you use for fitting a shoe) and we determined that my foot was a Size 10.5. As we started to talk about the shoes that piqued my curiosity I mentioned the ContourFIT and the D.N.A. Having explained my issues with the feet Ms. Leduc steered me away from the D.N.A. because of their tight toe box. Moreover, she said I could wear a size bigger but then the shoe and foot wouldn’t align themselves properly thus potentially causing issues.


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After concluding the proper we picked out the shoe which was the ContourFIT. This particular shoe has a wider toebox so if you do like FootJoy and have the need for a wider toebox look at this shoe. This shoe felt like a glove and I was asked to walk around while wearing it. Yes they felt great and I simulated a few swings and I could feel a difference in how this shoe was performing. So now I was asked if I wanted to make a few swings into a net. Where the net and mat were set up there was also a second mat sitting there. This mat is from a company called BodiTrak. BodiTrak is a company that specializes in the science of pressure-mapping. In the case of the FootJoy Performance Fitting System the use of the BodiTrak device is the key. During the fitting process they ask you to hit three golf balls (which I did) and the sensors in the mat relay to the fitter (Ryan Parsons in this case). After the third shot they look at your data. With the data that is collected it tells them about where the weight is at set-up, the transition and finally the finish. As Darquise looked at the data she asked me if I was a low handicap golfer based on my weight signatures. Reluctantly, I admitted that I was a former Mini-Tour player.

FootJoy has gathered, collected and analyzed data on thousands of golf swings and determined there’s not one shoe for every player. Based on a player’s interaction with the ground, we can determine the best shoe to fit their swing. With the FJ Performance Fitting System

It really is amazing that FootJoy can determine which shoe is best for each golfer and with the aid of BodiTrak determine what type of golfer you are. Like shoes all feet are not built equal. This FootJoy Performance Sitting System was eye-opening. If you have the chance take part on one of their fittings you won’t be disappointed.

Until The Next Tee!!

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