REVIEW – Skechers GO GOLF Focus 2

As we go through life we come to realize that certain things belong together. For example what is peanut butter without jelly? You think of one with the other… almost instinctively. Another example for instance could be peas and carrots… which of course “Forrest Gump” pointed out to all of us. When I think of other things that go together it’s hard not to see how a company like Skechers wouldn’t be involved in the golf footwear industry.

Skechers USA is a leader in the footwear industry to the tune of $3.5 billion in global sales per year. It’s important to note that Skechers have two different categories in which they produce shoes for. The first is their Lifestyle Division while the second is their Performance Division. The latter is the umbrella which the GO GOLF product range falls under. While their focus over the years has been on  running shoes it totally makes sense for a brand like Skechers USA to be involved in the golf industry. A sport where it’s athletes spend countless hours on their feet. Combining their decades of research and development when it comes to the science of the foot and footwear coupled with input from their elite athletes Skechers knows exactly what a golf shoe should be. Some of the athletes that wear the brand include Brooke Henderson and Belen Mozo of the LPGA Tour, Matt Kuchar and Wesley Bryan of the PGA Tour and World Golf Hall of Fame inductee Colin Montgomerie.


In the past, I’ve had the chance to review a couple different models of shoes from the Skechers GO GOLF line-up. For this ability I have to thank Laurent Sirois who is the Marketing Coordinator and Brand Lead (Performance Division) at Skechers. I had the chance to go through the range of golf shoes with him at the Skechers booth during the PGA Show in Orlando and the variety of shoes in the product range is massive. While we were at it I also had the opportunity to have a look at the golf shoes slated to come out in 2018. Just a little bit of a heads up here… the 2018 line-up looks awesome! As we went through the 2017 range of shoes my eyes really gravitated towards the GO GOLF Focus 2 shoe. So it was decided that I would test and review a pair of the GO GOLF Focus 2 shoes.

The GO GOLF Focus 2 golf shoe is the go-to golf shoe for PGA Tour member Wesley Bryan and is a shoe that received a ton of input from fellow PGA Tour player Russell Knox in its development and creation. The goal was to design a shoe that makes the golfer feel “confident and solid” while on the golf course. As we look at the features of the Focus 2 golf shoe from Skechers Golf we have to start with the upper. The upper portion of the shoe is waterproof and breathable which can be attributed to their patented “Outdry” technology. The fit of the Focus 2 is what Skechers refers to as its “Dynamic Upper Fit” design which secures your foot. As you flip the shoe over to the side you’ll notice that the shoe has a sleek, low-profile to its design which ensures that you’re in contact with the ground at all times throughout the action of the golf swing. Adding to the stability of the Focus 2 golf shoe is a TPU constructed outsole cradle. Comfort is at a premium in these golf shoes as one might expect. This is in large part to their patented “Resamax” cushioned insole and their lightweight “5Gen” cushioning. The Focus 2 golf shoe is a spiked design that features replaceable “Softspikes”.

I’ve had the opportunity to do significant testing of the Focus 2 and the conditions for testing were as varied as possible. Having had numerous range sessions both indoors and outdoors. Rounds of golf were played where the conditions were very wet and sloppy.  Then there were conditions on other occasions where the conditions were a “polar opposite” of the afore-mentioned.  If I learned one thing from testing a prior model (Bionic 2) I knew that the chances were very unlikely that I would make the waterproof feature fail. Much like the Bionic 2 golf shoe the toe area has a seemingly seamless design. It was what I thought would be a glaring weak point the last time around. As expected, the durability of this design never came into question and as it sits right now the Focus 2 shoes are as waterproof as the day that I unboxed the shoes. It’s a good thing that the spikes are replaceable because the uppers will outlast the spikes. Speaking of the unboxing.

DSCN0439 (1).jpg

A quality that I look for when selecting shoes (golf or otherwise) is “out of the box comfort”. The Focus 2 golf shoes are definitely great when it comes to out of the box comfort. The upper is supple and there is no need to have a “break-in” period when it comes to the Focus 2 from Skechers. Wearing the Focus 2 golf shoes for extended periods of time were easy and that hasn’t changed over the long-run. Other shoes have become “sloppy” over time to the point where it effected the comfort and wearability of the shoe (this did happen with Bionic 2). The Focus 2 has the same support resulting in comfort as they had on day one. The Focus 2 will not fatigue your feet orlegs either as they weigh a little more than 14 ounces per shoe.

The performance of the Focus 2 golf shoes is second to none and it’s easy to understand why these are the “go to” shoes for Russell Knox and Wesley Bryan. These golf shoes flat-out perform and the secret isn’t simply just the Softspikes that they employ. Much can be said of the outsole and the variable spike pattern used. It’s easy to keep your feet planted and load up the trailing side without having any slippage regardless of turf conditions. Another integral component to the performance of the Focus 2 shoes is what Skechers did with the inside of the upper. It’s a relatively minor detail but imprtant to point out. There are (what I assume to be) silicon dots along the heel. Much like what you find in golf pants inside of the waistband which helps to keep shirts tucked in. I found that these just secured the foot even more inside of the upper adding to the stability and overall performance of the Focus 2.


Overall, if you’re in the market for a new pair of golf shoes have a look at the Skechers GO GOLF Focus 2 shoes. They are aesthetically appealing as they are a shoe that appears athletic. I love the 3D graphics that bear the Skechers branding (“S”).  These are a comfortable pair of golf shoes that you can wear for 18 holes right out of the box in any conditions. The Focus 2 provides great support, supreme durability and superior traction. For more information on the Focus 2 golf shoes please head over to 

Until The Next Tee!!

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