Miura Golf – The ICL-601 Driving Iron

A few years ago I had the chance to review a lovely hybrid from Miura Golf. The Miura Golf HB3 tested real well in every category. From the stunning aesthetics (prettiest hybrid I’ve ever seen) and feel that only comes from a Miura Golf product it was an all-around performer. Performance wise it was great from the rough and had a real nice penetrating ballflight.


Mary Beth Lacy of golf marketing firm Mary Beth Lacy Inc. shared a recent press release with me from Miura Golf. If there’s one thing that I like about the “new” Miura with their re-brand is the fact that they are a little more aggressive when it comes to product releases. More press releases means more media exposure which could translate into their products hitting more eyeballs of potential customers (especially in North America). The most recent release talks about the release of a new driving iron. Miura Golf has introduced the ICL-601 Driving Iron.

A Carpenter Steel face used in the ICL-601 sounds like the driving-iron would pack a crisp feel with decent ball speeds. A variable weight system allows the ICL-601 to be built to match the swingweight in the rest of your irons allowing for precise matching with the rest of your set. Personally speaking,  would add weight to the head for the purposes of obtaining slightly higher launch. The ICL-601 is a golf club that will attract golfers of all skill levels. Great looks, a large sweet spot and forgiving… all sound like very positive attributes.

m_ICL-601_#23 image1.jpg

Photo Credit: Miura Golf

For more information regarding the ICL-601 please see the release below.

Miura Debuts ICL-601 Driving Iron 


SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. — Miura has introduced the ICL-601 driving iron. This Inner Cavity – Long Iron is the latest in Miura’s MG Collection, and blends seamlessly with a set of any Miura irons. The initial offering is a 23° 4-iron, with an 18° 2-iron and 20° 3-iron available later this fall.


“The inner cavity design is not new for Miura,” says Hoyt McGarity, President of Miura Golf. “It was first introduced with the hugely popular IC-2003. Modern technological advances have allowed us to improve on the original design. This is accomplished by integrating a 455 Carpenter Steel face (as found in our PP-9005 G) and the use of the variable weighting system found in the Hayate woods.”


Photo Credit: Miura Golf

Shinei Miura has optimized the center of gravity by use of the variable weighting system, particularly addressing the mishits typically associated with a long iron. A top line which instills confidence is paired with a sole design which delivers solid turf interaction, no matter the lie.


The 23° ICL-601 includes an 8-gram weight, matching its weight to a standard 4-iron’s. This allows the club to be assembled with the same shaft as your iron set or to be fitted with an optimum-performing shaft. As with other forged irons, the lie and loft angles are adjustable – enabling golfers to fit the club seamlessly into their set. Of course, we recommend these adjustments be done by an authorized Miura dealer. All ICL-601 irons have a weight port.


Photo Credit: Miura Golf

At address, the sole shape lets the clubhead sit in a way that gives golfers confidence not usually found when hitting a long iron. The clubhead’s inner cavity allows for a wider sole and lower center of gravity. With a larger sweet spot comes more forgiveness, high launch, and controlled spin rates that will benefit golfers of all skill levels.


“The ICL gives Miura traditionalists the opportunity to add technology to their game, while maintaining the quality and feel of a Miura forged club,” says Jason Rutkoski, Miura Golf vice president. “The ICL is a remarkable new product that will benefit golfers from all demographics, by seamlessly fitting their existing set or adding a club to fit that one shot/hole per round.”


Photo Credit: Miura Golf

The ICL-601 has a MSRP of $369.



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