This review is so long overdue that it isn’t even funny. But as the golf season is slowly starting to dwindle down I thought that I would delay this article because this product can be used when the (insert gasp here) snow flies or quite literally any other time. Also, this review is going to mark the first time where I rely upon a video in support of the review. So please be sure to watch the video as well. Thanks!

Prior to writing this review I just wanted to give thanks to Holly Geoghegan and Irlianna Samsara of golf marketing firm Golf Marketing Services. Without their introduction I wouldn’t have had the chance to review this product.

When it comes to training aids designed for the golf industry there is no shortage of selections. While some training aids are almost ludicrous in nature others are overly complex. Golf is a game that can be simplified but often isn’t where confusion in the “action” can create confusion and more importantly frustration to the point where it tempts golfers to simply quit the game. Horrible for a game that is trying to grow when many pundits are saying that the game is dying. After all, who has time for 2 hours of practice a day or dare I say a 6 hour round of golf? In an era where generally speaking people want something “now” the answer is nobody. For example, look at the hustle and bustle during your daily commute. Fortunately, there are some training aids out there that can truly help you without a need to head out to a golf course or driving range. Improve without striking a golf ball? Absolutely! Today’s topic is one such product.


Swing Wizzard is a product designed by Inventor and CEO of Swing Wizzard Keith Rogers. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rogers in person at the PGA Merchandise Show that happened back in January. At that time, I learned some of the finer points behind the invention that is Swing Wizzard. The beginnings of the Swing Wizzard Training Aid came after some rounds of golf that were less than stellar. So the endeavour to improve begun. Initially, the development of the Swing Wizzard started out in the garage and a few things started to happen with the prototype. The takeaway improved and there was a sense of being connected throughout the early part of the golf swing. One day shortly thereafter a friend came over to his house and noticed what Keith had been working on. The friend didn’t take long to see the advantages and the usefulness of Mr. Rogers’ creation. Right away the friend stated that he had to design more and put them into production. The pursuit was then on to help golfers improve. In fact, the Swing Wizzard Training Aid was such an effective tool that when it was introduced to world-renowned Golf Instructor Jim McLean he liked the idea so much that he would endorse the product. A huge accomplishment for Keith Rogers. Jim McLean would also collaborate on an instructional DVD that comes with the Swing Wizzard Training Aid.


With a little bit of background information out of the way I just wanted to touch on a few observations that I made during my time testing the Swing Wizzard.

The Swing Wizzard is a training aid that features a two-piece construction that golfers simply screw together to form one long shaft. At each end of the shaft is a 7-iron head and this is where the genius of the Swing Wizzard begins to show itself. Unlike other training aids where you can’t tell where the clubhead is throughout the swing the Swing Wizzard allows you to see what is happening with the clubhead throughout each phase of the golf swing. Whether it’s the takeaway and observing a path that’s too inside or getting up into the transition and seeing a clubface that’s “fanned open” you never have to take yourself out of the golf posture. Also, due to the length of the club it teaches or reinforces golfers how to set-up properly and to “stay connected”. Without getting too advanced we have already covered several aspects of the golf swing that lead to major faults. The Swing Wizzard easily identifies these issues.  Moreover the Swing Wizzard also will help golfers with proper rotation (as opposed to picking the club up) and a proper release position. Last but not least the Swing Wizzard also aids golfers in achieving a proper swing plane and helps to eliminate the dreaded “over the top” move leading to another killer in the swing… a cast.


The Swing Wizzard currently retails at $79.99 USD on their website ( The set comes with the “two” 7-irons, an instructional DVD featuring Jim McLean and two alignment sticks. Please visit their website for information on this phenomenal product. This is without a doubt the most useful training aid that I have worked with. The Swing Wizzard Training Aid comes very highly recommended and will be vital in furthering my development. Keith… thanks so much for making an amazing product.

*** One last point. The Swing Wizzard is NOT meant to be used for hitting golf balls. You can use this product literally anywhere. On the range, in the parking lot, in your house or any other place where room allows for it to be employed.


Until The Next Tee!