Nexbelt Donates To Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

The destruction in Texas, the Caribbean and South Florida caused by the recent hurricanes goes without saying. The tens of thousands affected by the devastation left behind by Harvey and Irma I hope recover soon. Slowly but surely the rebuilding will happen and for those of us in areas unaffected by these sort of natural disasters should really feel blessed.

Donations from individuals and companies like Nexbelt help and don’t go unnoticed. I would like to offer huge kudos to Nexbelt for donating to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. There is a saying that goes “good things happen to good people”. If that is true than I sincerely hope that great things happen to the founders behind Nexbelt. I have never used any of their products but when it comes to supporting smaller brands that exemplify class I have no problem supporting them. This is a small example of what DRIVE means.

Thanks to Joe Wiecszorek from The Media Group Inc for sharing this recent press release.

Nexbelt® “The Belt With No Holes” donates to Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund
(RANCHO CUCAMONGA) – Nexbelt®, “The Belt With No Holes”, announced today that they’ve donated $1,000.00 to the American Red Cross for the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, and in addition, will be donating 20% of all Heritage Texas Belt and Buckle sales (both retail and wholesale) to the fund between now and December 31, 2017.

“The American Red Cross is using donor dollars right now to provide food, shelter and emergency support for individuals and families affected by Hurricane Harvey,” said Eddie Rowland, Co-Founder of Nexbelt, “and their work has just begun. We’ve committed to assist their efforts for the rest of this year and bring whatever support we can to the victims of this devastating storm.”
To purchase one of Nexbelt’s Heritage Texas Belts or Buckles visit their website at:
For more information on the American Red Cross and the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund visit:
Nexbelt is known for its unique ratcheting system called PreciseFit that allows the wearer to adjust the belt in ¼ inch increments, providing the best fit, feel, and fashion available.
Nexbelt is 100% committed to offering its customers superior customer service and the most innovative and technologically advanced products available.
Nexbelt’s DRIVE Vision….
Deliver what we Promise with Integrity.
Retain the Human touch
Invest in Good People generously.
Value our Customers Unconditionally.
Embrace Change with Innovation.
Company Founders, Tom Hunsucker, and Eddie and Francis Rowland started Nexbelt in 2010 with a vision to reinvent the way Americans buy, sell and wear their belts. Tired of the old outdated pin/buckle system, they set their sights on creating a belt that would be both adjustable and highly fashionable at the same time. Out of this passion, Nexbelt, “The Belt With No Holes” was born.
Nexbelt®, Precise FitTM and “The Belt With No Holes”® are registered trademarks.
For more information about Nexbelt, visit

Until the Next Tee!!

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