They’re Baaaack!!! – Cleveland Golf Wants You To #LaunchIt

I think that it’s only right to start this press release with a little quote. I think it was the great Mark Twain that once wrote “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”. This seemed to be the case with Cleveland Golf. Speculation was for the most part that they had gotten out of metalwoods and irons and chose to focus on putters and their “bread and butter” wedges.

There were a few teasers over the last few days over social media that something bi was coming from Cleveland Golf. An obscure picture here and there and then I opened my e-mail and saw a press release from Cleveland Golf PR and Social Media Manager Noelle Zavaleta. The press release was to announce that the brand was releasing a new line of Launcher metalwoods and Cleveland Golf irons. To be exact the line of metalwoods is actually called the Launcher HB. Aptly named because they’ve introduced a reincarnate of the previous HiBore crown.  Meanwhile, there is in fact two models of Launcher irons… the Launcher CBX irons and a hollow-bodied Launcher HB irons which is a set that is composed of hybrid irons.

The Launcher HB sole. A lot of me loves the look of this driver. (Photo Credit: clevelandgolf)

Before I show the actual press release I just wanted to go over a few of my favourite features. The first thing is the Cleveland Golf saw a problem with the market. They are fully aware that the cost of clubs has gotten exponentially higher. The entire line-up comes in at a favorable price point. The Launcher HB drivers have a M.A.P. of $299.99. Meanwhile a set of steel-shafted of Launcher CBX or Launcher HB irons have a M.A.P. of $699.99. The woods have no adjustability which is a feature that I actually like because the bells and whistles can be a distraction. Even though adjustability has a purpose once you find the right setting you never touch it again… if you’re smart. The Launcher CBX irons feature an inverted progressive topline. They start thicker on the long irons which helps the weighting and forgiveness and they get thinner as you get into the scoring irons. The irons also feature the milled grooves as found in the RTX-3 wedges (and its predecessors) which offers golfers more spin into the greens. The premise behind the entire line-up is to help golfers hit the ball high and straight. The Launcher HB irons absolutely epitomize that thought. The following is the aforementioned press release.

Cleveland Golf Announces New Launcher Woods and Irons for

Golfers Who Prefer to Launch the Ball High and Straight

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — August 7, 2017 — CLEVELAND GOLF® woods and irons are back with powerful technologies that help avid golfers experience faster ball speeds, more distance, and added control. Optimized for dedicated golfers who prefer forgiving clubs that launch the ball high and straight, Cleveland Golf’s new woods and irons will launch in North America on Sept. 15, 2017.

A modified Hi-Bore crown (Photo Credit:

Since 1979, Cleveland Golf equipment has brought industry-leading performance to professional and amateur golfers alike. In keeping with that legacy, Launcher Woods and Irons combine Cleveland Golf’s most popular club technologies with new performance innovations that provide avid golfers with the distance, forgiveness, and control they demand.

Brian Schielke, Marketing Director at Cleveland Golf, explained why the company’s woods and irons are back: “When we looked into the woods and irons markets we saw a major disconnect. Prices are increasing dramatically while golfers aren’t seeing significant performance gains. So we set out to create new woods and irons with true performance benefits that are obvious the moment a golfer swings one of these clubs.

ADDRESS (1).png
A handsome footprint on the Launcher HB Hybrid. (Photo Credit:

“When it comes to drivers, a big part of the problem is excessive adjustability. These features are nice for some golfers but are quite heavy, positioning weight in less than ideal locations.  It’s a major tradeoff in performance. By replacing those features with a lightweight hosel and weight positioned low and deep within the head, we built the Launcher HB driver with more forgiveness and incredible distance that will clearly show up on a launch monitor.”



Launcher HB Woods

The new Launcher HB Driver, Fairway Woods and Hybrids utilize performance technologies that help golfers launch the ball far and straight. The clubs employ a redesigned HiBore Crown, ultra-lightweight hosel, Flex-Fin Technology, Low and Deep Weighting and a Launcher Cup Face to deliver the distance and forgiveness sought after by most golfers.

Progressive topline. Thicker in the long irons… thinner in the scoring irons. (Photo Credit:

Launcher CBX Irons

Launcher CBX Irons combine all of Cleveland Golf’s proven wedge spin technologies with a forgiving cavity back design. Progressive shaping, Feel Balancing TechnologyTM and a V-shaped sole work in tandem to increase forgiveness. Tour Zip Grooves and Laser Milling produce high levels of spin from the fairway and the rough, providing dramatically improved control around the course.


The Launcher CBX irons. Not overly busy and I like it. (

Launcher HB Irons

With the fully-hollow Launcher HB Irons, Cleveland Golf improves upon one of their most popular iron designs. The extremely forgiving irons use a high-strength steel face, HiBore Crown, and hybrid-like design to help golfers launch the ball higher and farther than typical cavity back irons.

The Launcher HB irons will help golfers #LaunchIt (Photo Credit:

Launcher Woods and Irons will be available for pre-sale at select retailers on Aug. 28, 2017 and will launch throughout North America on Sept. 15, 2017.

Launcher HB Driver Price:

·         $299.99 MAP

Launcher HB Fairway Woods Price:

·         $219.99 MAP

Launcher HB Hybrids Price:

·         $199.99 MAP

Launcher HB Irons Price:

·         Men’s 7pcs Steel Set: $699.99 MAP

·         Men’s 7pcs Graphite Set: $799.99 MAP

·         Women’s 7pcs Graphite Set: $799.99 MAP

Launcher CBX Irons Price:

·         Men’s 7pcs Steel Set: $699.99 MAP

·         Men’s 7pcs Graphite Set: $799.99 MAP

·         Women’s 7pcs Graphite Set: $799.99 MAP


I would love the opportunity to get a product or two from this range in my hands. This line-up seems very appealing for many reasons. Products that really can increase ballspeed and designed to go high and straight? Sounds like a winner to me. Even though you weren’t fully gone Cleveland Golf… Welcome Back!!! #LaunchIt

Until The Next Tee!

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