It’s that time again. The time has come to be an old crotchety, cantankerous old man. This week there have been a few things in the golf world that have really ground my gears. So without further delay it’s time to get it off of my chest.

Phil missing the U.S. Open to see his daughter graduate. Thumbs up to you Phil! (Photo Credit:

As we approach Father’s Day weekend that means only one thing and one thing only. It’s time for the second Major of the year… The U.S. Open. I wanted to touch on this because there are a few things that are bugging me. The first thing is Phil Mickelson and his electing to not play in the championship this year. The reason? Well, his daughter Amanda is graduating from high school and just happens to be the senior class president. As the story goes a PGA Professional from the Tucson, AZ area petitioned the high school requesting that the school should change the date of commencement so “Lefty” could play in the U.S. Open. Furthermore, he took it upon himself to speak for “millions of golf fans” to write this petition stating that it was taking away from Mickelson’s chance to win the career Grand Slam. Thanks Mr. PGA Professional you don’t need to speak for me. I don’t know anything about you or whether or not you have family. I know one thing for certain. If it were me with the career Grand Slam being a possibility… I would never EVER miss my child’s graduation or be so consumed to take it upon myself to write a high school asking them to alter their plans. Personally, I think you would have had better luck writing the USGA to get them to change their ways and date. I love and am passionate about golf and that’s abundantly clear but golf simply is not bigger than life nor does it circumvent life.

Just get out there and play Adam. (Photo Credit:

Did I just say something about the USGA changing their ways? This year the U.S. Open is being contested up at Erin Hills in Erin, Wisconsin. Thousands of golfers have played in Local Qualifiers and those fortunate to advance have either or will be playing in Sectional Qualifiers. Recently, players to have advanced through Sectional Qualifying to get into the field include Kyle Thompson, Jason Kokrak, Bryson DeChambeau, Keegan Bradley and veteran Steve Stricker. Many congratulations goes out to those players and the rest that have made it through qualifying. Unfortunately with those accolades comes a bit of negativity. This week Adam Scott was quoted as saying hopefully the USGA “gets it right this time” as far as making the venue fair. Scott feels (as do many others) that the USGA is too concerned with protecting a golf course against par. Define “fair”? No rough.. maybe an inch? A course that players see week in and week out on every stop on tour. Fairways and greens so meticulous where nothing is out of place?  Only The Masters thanks. I like the USGA for setting up the courses tough. I might be in the minority but I hate when tournaments have winning score of -15 or better. It’s not right. I hope the greens are firm, the rough lush and the fairways tight. In no way am I suggesting the “Carnage at Chambers Bay” or “The Farce at Shinnecock” repeat themselves. But keep the players… “honest”! It’s the same course for the same field. That said, if the USGA gets a couple of things right please let it be no outside interference from viewers, let the players govern themselves and please for the love of all things right if a Rules Official is brought in. Please make the right call and get through a championship minus egg on your collective faces.

Shhhh… enough is enough. Leave him alone. (Photo Credit:

Lastly, the handling of Tiger Woods. I won’t shy away from the fact that I wrote about it (This And That) and I stand by everything that I said and I won’t retract anything. I too have had my transgressions although none of those put my family or others at risk or in harm’s way. However, the way the man has been dragged through the mud by the City of Jupiter is appalling. Yes, I posted the mug shot as did many other writers and if he was you or I would there have been a mug shot posted of us? Likely not. But they had a celebrity in a vulnerable place and situation and I wouldn’t be the least surprised if somebody got paid a decent amount for the leaked picture. Instead of leaving it at that one mug shot out comes dash cam footage and even footage from when Tiger was in the holding area. Jupiter, Florida that was bush league. I don’t condone DUI in any way shape or form nor have I operated a vehicle while being on heavy pain killers but before you shared that footage with millions of people think to yourself… would I do that to MY family member? Was it some sort of example setting? Either way… get a grip and grow up. Whatever happened to some semblance of privacy?

Until The Next Tee!