Antigua Taps Spandex

Spandex. How long has that fabric been around? I know when I first heard of it… back in the 1980’s. When neon, cheesy morning workouts on television and the “Material Girl” (Madonna) reigned supreme. Of course, this goes without saying that when it came to golf you had golfers like Nick Faldo, Jack Nicklaus, Seve Ballesteros and Tom Watson running amuck. When it came to equipment you had companies like Wilson, Spalding, Ram and Northwestern.


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Golf fashion was in a different time in the 1980’s as well. Fashion was a combination of catwalk meets golf course and cotton and polyester was “King” (I remember Arnold Palmer had a line in Sears). While some of the clothing was ho-hum others were a stark contrast. Wild and crazy prints… think “Al Czervik” in “Caddyshack”. Yet spandex wasn’t used… as far as I know.

Spandex definitely has its purpose in golf fashion. Spandex or Lycra is a synthetic fiber known for it’s durability and elasticity. It’s been a long time since it’s invent in 1958 and it has been used in everything from swimwear, cycling gear, gloves, socks and activewear. It turns out that sportswear manufacturer Antigua has decided to tap into spandex for use in it’s Men’s Spring 2017 Collection. Below is a press release that was shared with me by Mary Beth Lacy of Mary Beth Lacy Inc.

PEORIA, AZ – Emphasizing an updated fabric story, the Antigua Group, Inc. – one of the nation’s leading designers and marketers of lifestyle and golf apparel under the distinguished Antigua brand – announced it’s using spandex in its Spring 2017 Men’s Collection

“Almost every style has incorporated this fiber into the construction of fashion fabrics for both function and form, eliminating any garment resistance throughout the golf swing and offering an enhanced supple hand, smooth drape and renewed recovery with every use,” says Sean Gregg, Antigua’s Vice President of Product Development and Marketing Support.


Sustain (Photo Credit:

The self collar style Sustain takes a solid piece-dyed jersey/spandex top shoulder detail and contrasts it against a heather over-dyed pointelle mesh — the latter of which offers breathability while wicking. The main body fabric is a subdued color shade compared to its jersey complement, based on the use of heather yarns softening the color tones. The two fabrics meet at the shoulder-sleeve seam, where a neutral elastic heather tape overlaps the seam to complete the seamless merge


Streak (Photo Credit:

Utilizing the same detailed complexity of fabric paired with style, this season’s style Streak incorporates a simply engineered chest and sleeve panel of primary brights complemented by a grey heather jersey front torso panel. The contrast of the engineered color and neutral horizontal chest stripe is separated with this season’s primary pop accent colors. Strategically knit into the divisional color separation is a near-invisible pairing of horizontal mesh stripes that add a textured surface interest with breathability.

Style Array features a jacquard double knit fabric built for breathability but disguised as an all-over, 45-degree-angled geometric mesh pattern. A self collar is set against contrasting, yet complementing accent shoulder seam tape distinguishes it as a true fashion style.


Array (Photo Credit:

This season’s stripe collection offers fresh vitality in contrasting colors. Incorporating spandex yarns into a fine jersey knit gives the simplest of stripe patterns a charged appeal. A solid-and-heather tonal feed stripe combined with heather overdyed insets — as seen on the self collar style Orbit — demonstrates this with sophisticated, simplistic appeal. The solid quarter-inch, all-over repeat of style Strand dyed together with a complementing tonal pinstripe and finished with a matching flat knit collar is a fresh take on the classic golf feed stripe. And style Domain’s use of tonal and contrasting accent stripes oscillating in a light-to-dark ombre pattern makes this self collar jersey/spandex polo a centerpiece garment for the collection.


Infinite (Photo Credit:

Using a self collar as a complementing accent to the boldly patterned style Infinite embellishes its fresh mix of color-on-color stripes, making it a must-have in every color combination this season. Style Havoc is the epitome of the fashion polo in Antigua’s Spring ’17 collection, with its use of variegating space dye yarns. Using yarns dyed in colors specific to this season’s collection, it’s been knit in an engineered pattern repeat consisting of alternating space dye and solid yarns that creates an ever lightening, sophisticated tonal effect.

Antigua continues to embellish textured solids this season by adding an abstract geometric all-over embossed interlock style. Style Survey creates an optical effect of light and shadow that brings this solid style to life with a golfer’s every movement. To enhance its sophisticated fashion appeal, it’s created using an un-embossed solid self collar and cuff interlock making for a truly handsome piece


Survey (Photo Credit:

Completing this season’s polo offering is a sublimation print with strategically engineered front and back panels. Purposely designed with a color-to-white gradient and solid-to-geometric stripe detail, style Finesse fully demonstrates the depth of this season’s primary colors as they wash to white. It’s both a fun and active styling fit to the collection.


Finesse (Photo Credit:

About Antigua

Headquartered in Peoria, Arizona, The Antigua Group, through its license sports division, holds license agreements with National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), Minor League Baseball (MiLB), Major League Soccer (MLS), National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA), along with numerous American universities and colleges for men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, headwear and luggage. Antigua additionally designs, produces and supplies product for corporate America and specialty retail managed under its corporate division. Its golf division also holds license agreements with the PGA TOUR, LPGA and the PGA of America


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  1. Honestly never new golfing had a history of style. Just thought it was some variation from Carlton’s style in Fresh Prince. Learn something new everyday.

    — Blessings


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