Golf University – Search 4 Scratch

We’ve seen a myriad of golf reality television shows aired on the Golf Channel. From competitors competing on “Altered Course” which was sort of “Tough Mudder” in golf form to “The Big Break” where it featured professionals in numerous skill challenges in an attempt to earn a spot into a Tour event. What we do know from watching television shows like this is that it left viewers wondering… “What about the ordinary, everyday golfer?”.


Ordinary every day golfers like day school teachers, nurses, convenience store clerks and so on. The majority of these golfers being mid to high handicaps. What if these types of golfer had access to the training, technology and coaching that is often employed by Tour professionals? Everything from short game gurus to the ever important yet overlooked mental game. Personally speaking, I know that I have wondered what it would be like for my golf game to have access to top coaches, the best of technology, hypnotists and sports psychologists. Everything that is perceived to be needed to become a Tour player or to go from a high handicap to low handicap golfer. Essentially, this is the premise behind the to be released “Search 4 Scratch Documentary” by Golf University is all about. Below is a press release that I was given by Mary Beth Lacy of Mary Beth Lacy Inc to share with my readers outlining the show.

The Search 4 Scratch Documentary follows 6 golfers from all walks of life, from varying nationalities and of all playing abilities to embark on a journey to answer the age old question that all golfers who’ve ever dared to dream have asked:

“How Good a Golfer Could I Be if I Had the Best Technical and Course Management Coaching, an Effective Practice Plan & a Champion Mindset?”

Search 4 Scratch follows the journey of these 6 amateur golfers as they attempt to discover how low their handicaps can go over a 3 month period.

They are treated like professional athletes with the support of the world’s best coaches, a sport psychologist, a hypnotist and celebrity mentors as they attend a 5 day Short Game School, a 3 day Long Game School and a 2 day Competition focused School, all culminating in a final golf tournament with the winner becoming a mentor at Golf University.

They face a myriad of Environmental, Physical, Mental and Emotional challenges on their quest to find out just how good they can be, to find out how low they can go…

“The search is very unique to each golfer and totally different to what they originally thought it would be and one thing’s for sure, they all become better golfers and better people because of this journey”, says Golf University CEO and Executive Producer of Search 4 Scratch, Andrew McCombe.

I am very curious to see where the journey takes our 6 intrepid explorers and I cannot wait to watch. I have watched the Search 4 Scratch trailer and must say that it does look intriguing. Reality television that is simply… “real”.


Until The Next Tee!


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